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At Last, A College Town Center for Notre Dame

The November cover story of Professional Builder Magazine, "Mixed Use Revitalizes Urban Areas," shows examples of revitalization around the country, including LRK project Eddy Street Commons, at the gateway to the University of Notre Dame. LRK principals, Victor Buchholz and Frank Ricks, explain more about the design approach in this article. 

Fri, Dec 18th 2015 5:05pm
Liberty Center Opens in North Cincinnati

This month, the highly anticipated Liberty Center will open its doors in North Cincinnati. According to co-developers Steiner + Associates and Bucksbaum Retail Properties, Liberty Center is not only a market-defining project, it will be a true super-regional draw. “Liberty Center represents the next generation of town center development and serves as a strong example of what is possible when commercial fundamentals are combined with innovative design and a focus on creating memorable experiences with every visit,” says Yaromir Steiner. “We took the very best of what we have learned and have elevated it several notches.”

Fri, Dec 18th 2015 4:39pm
Liberty Township saw a downtown fall from the sky

For this still largely undeveloped Butler County township, the prospect of landing a megasized mixed-use mall – the $350 million Liberty Center – was unheard of a decade ago. As Greater Cincinnati's northern suburbs along the Interstate 75 corridor grew, Liberty Township's location became more of an asset than a liability. It also offered the mostly rural, but growing bedroom community the chance to get a central business district. With Liberty Center, it's almost like a Downtown fell from the sky, according to government officials. Actually, that was the hope and the plan all along. So far Liberty Center, which just completed its first weekend of operation, is bringing is exceeding the expectations of township officials. "It's hard to not get excited about it," said Caroline McKinney, the township's economic development director. "It'll have shoppers, business people, and residents. People who come may not shop or buy stuff. They may watch concerts, do yoga. The way they're programming it is for it to be more than a shopping center."

Mon, Nov 2nd 2015 6:12pm
Young Bucks: Millennials Aren't Wealthy, But that's No Reason to Ignore Them

When it comes to Millennials and retail, two opposing story lines compete, experts say. In the first, these younger shoppers star as the industry's most important drivers of growth - the saviors of the mall. In the second, skeptics question how Millennials can be so important when it is their parents who have the real money. What appeals to Millennials, in other words increasingly feels relevant to older generations as well. While some media reports have portrayed Steiner's Liberty Center - a $350 million, mixed-use project slated to open this fall in Cincinnati's northern suburbs - as being designed with Millennials in mind, its appeal will in fact be multigenerational, Steiner says.

Fri, Oct 16th 2015 3:40pm
An industrial shell turns powerhouse
The former Pearl Brewery is the economic and social hub for San Antonio's revitalizing River North neighborhood.
Tue, Sep 29th 2015 9:31am
Ten ways to make big boxes more walkable

With planning and effort, big box stores can be multimodal destinations.

Wed, Sep 9th 2015 12:44pm
Now Trending: Emerging Retail Environments

It is no secret that there is a significant paradigm shift underway in the world of regional retail development. While it continues to be business as usual for some brick-and-mortar retail sectors, a major transformation continues to unfold across America’s regional retail landscape. When we take a closer look at the underlying fundamentals, we can yield some important insights about what is causing these changes, where regional malls are headed, and what developers must do to not only survive, but thrive in this new environment. Many regional enclosed malls are already dead, and hundreds more are dying slow deaths. At the same time, more and more open-air mixed-use retail environments are emerging — some of which are regional in nature, and all of which are competing directly with those enclosed regional malls. The best of these new projects have common characteristics: a significant portion of their public space is outdoors; non-retail leisure time components are a large component of the tenant mix; and non-retail uses like residential, office and hospitality are fully integrated into the design.

Tue, Sep 1st 2015 2:58pm
The death and life of Hartford's commercial districts

Norman Garrick of the University of Connecticut writes about the demise of Hartford's commercial districts and what steps could be taken to bring them back to life. 

Tue, Aug 25th 2015 3:40pm
$350 Million Liberty Center Reveals First Group of Tenants

The highly publicized mixed-use project Liberty Center in Ohio has just announced its first slate of retail tenants. With a scheduled October 2015 opening, Liberty Center includes more than 800,000 sq. ft. of retail, restaurants and entertainment, including a 200,000-sq.-ft. Dillard’s anchor that will be the state of Ohio’s first ground-up Dillard’s store. The 64-acre, 1.2 million-sq.-ft. destination, co-developed by Steiner + Associates and Bucksbaum Retail Properties, will feature over 50 new tenants. “We are very excited to be formally announcing this first group of great tenants,” said Anne Mastin, executive VP of retail real estate for Steiner + Associates. “These retailers, restaurants and entertainment uses, many of which are regional and state firsts, are among the best in the industry and represent just the beginning of the full lineup you can expect to see when Liberty Center opens in October. We will be making several other significant announcements in the weeks and months to come.”

Tue, Aug 4th 2015 5:01pm
Celebrating 10 Years At Daybreak, South Jordan, Utah

Urban Design Associates (UDA) is pleased to celebrate ten years of collaboration with Kennecott Land Company (a subsidiary of Rio Tinto) in the design of Daybreak, an entirely new mixed-use, transit-oriented (TOD) community.  From the very beginning, the goal was to set a new standard for sustainable, high-quality development in the Salt Lake Valley.  Even as the project remains a 'work in progress', Daybreak has been internationally-recognized as a success. Located at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains, Daybreak is a mixed-use, walkable community with a full range of resident services and amenities. The community encompasses over 4,000 acres comprised of 12 residential neighborhoods, each focused around a series of mixed-use village centers. At the heart of Daybreak is the Town Center, consisting of mixed-use, commercial, institutional, and residential uses clustered around three light-rail transit stops that connect to downtown Salt Lake City.

Fri, Jul 24th 2015 3:14pm
Cherry Hill Village Winner of CNU Mackinaw Prize

The Michigan Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism recently awarded Cherry Hill Village, designed by LRK, a 2015 Mackinaw Prize. The CNU New England jury commented that "Cherry Hill Village, impressive in its size and sophistication, is, surprisingly, really an infill project. A constellation of nineteenth-century historic buildings, strung loosely along two old road alignments, is now being tied firmly together by an overlay of new, mixed-use and residential buildings, and the overall assembly equipped with a range of new civic spaces and parks. The result is a coherent place, remarkable for being fundamentally an intensified version of itself... Cherry Hill Village is a model both in process and in realization, worthy of the attention, and emulation, around the country."

Mon, Jul 13th 2015 11:44am
Mission Boulevard project launches to new heights in Fayetteville

Construction crews recently began digging a retention pond and moving a mound of dirt developers of the long-abandoned Ruskin Heights subdivision left behind nearly a decade ago on a site south of Mission Boulevard.  A sign posted on the property, across from Westwood Gardens and about a half-mile west of Crossover Road, proclaimed last week a new development called Mission Heights, is "opening in 2016."  "I think it's really hitting the market at a time when the pendulum is finally swinging back from the downturn," said Lawrence Finn, managing partner of East Mission Boulevard LLC, the developer of the project. East Mission's plan for the entire 29 acres is unclear. The company is starting with 63 detached dwellings and six row houses on about 16 acres in the interior of the site. Developers plan to have the row houses and a dozen of the detached houses available for sale next year.

Mon, Jul 13th 2015 11:39am
Strategies for good urban retail

We need a sensible approach to mixed use that reflects realities and limitations of retail, while also maintaining a commitment to vibrant streetlife.

Thu, Jul 2nd 2015 2:22pm
More businesses choose downtowns and walkable locations

As I reported earlier this year, more and more businesses are choosing to locate in downtowns and walkable suburban locations, in part to attract younger workers who prefer a less car-dependent, more urban lifestyle.

Thu, Jul 2nd 2015 10:27am
A new village for compact regional growth

Form Ithaca examined how spread-out growth in the Town of Ithaca can be reorganized into a village with a complete street connecting to downtown.

Wed, Jun 10th 2015 10:11am
L.L.Bean commits to Easton Town Center, both short- and long-term

L.L. Bean Inc. is opening a new store in Columbus, and the retailer will give the market a months-long sneak peek in the run-up to the real thing. The Freeport, Maine-based outdoor retailer Wednesday said it will open a 20,600- square-foot store at Easton town Center by October or November in a standalone building currently home to the Container Store. That store is moving to a new space this year in the nearby Easton Gateway shopping center.

Mon, Jun 8th 2015 12:48am
LIVING SPACE: Retail Developers are Increasingly Adding Homes to the Mix

Steiner & Associates, an old hand in the mixed-use construction game, is lead developerin a live-work-play enterprise in Cincinnati called Liberty Center, to be co-developed by Bucksbaum Retail Properties. This will feature about 250 upscale vertical residences in the phased 1.1 million-square-foot urban development rising along Interstate 75 and slated to make its debut this year.

Fri, May 8th 2015 3:33pm
How does the missing middle housing fit within communities?

Since my first article on Missing Middle Housing was published in 2012 in what was then New Urban News, the concept has rapidly gained interest from the private and public sectors across the country.

Wed, Apr 8th 2015 8:36am
Crosstown Groundbreaking - Breaking New Ground

 The Crosstown redevelopment project reached a ceremonial milestone as it officially broke ground this past Saturday. After five years of planning and designing, the project team shares more of their vision of the revitalization of this iconic building to the Memphis community.The building, thought of as a "vertical urban village", will house arts, education, healthcare, retail, commercial, and residential spaces in 1.5 million square feet. The project is expected to be complete in 2017. Meanwhile, see more renderings of what's to come on the LRK Crosstown project page or the Crosstown Concourse design page.

Wed, Mar 18th 2015 7:15pm
Good news, bad news: Placemaking marred by traffic engineering

Bridgeport, CT, is launching a large-scale redevelopment of an underutilized waterfront, but when will engineers understand human ecology?

Wed, Mar 4th 2015 11:51am
Easton Gateway to welcome 13 new stores, restaurants

Easton Gateway will add 13 tenants to its lineup in the coming months, with some moving over from nearby Easton Town Center. With the additions, Easton Gateway is moving rapidly toward filling its 54-acre site.“We expect by the end of the year we will fill all the space,” said Beau Arnason, executive vice president at Easton operator Steiner + Associates. “There are probably a handful (of spaces) in the 12,000- to 15,000-square-foot size — medium box size — that are still available, but not a lot."

Wed, Feb 4th 2015 11:49pm
A new village wins Community of the Year
The Village of Providence, a remarkable project that was named the National Association of Homebuilders' Community of the Year for 2014, also launched my career in New Urbanism.
Sat, Jan 24th 2015 10:27am
Building a village: The growing trend of mixed-use developments

With an eye on flexibility and livability, Memphis real estate professionals continue to turn toward mixed-use developments. Successful local projects are proving the city's mindset on mixed use is shifting, and more could be on the way.

Tue, Dec 30th 2014 3:56pm
The comforts of home: Mixed-use projects have become a consumer home base

 When Liberty Center opens in Cincinnati next fall, it will leverage its full-scale mixed-use offerings—such as a CineBistro theater, lofty lineup of retail, restaurants, residential and office space, as well as lush landscaping and natural gathering places—to bring a sense of place and community to the area. The project is being developed by Steiner + Associates and Bucksbaum Retail Properties.

Thu, Dec 18th 2014 3:32pm
Bob Gibbs to Lead Retail Workshop with Terry Shook and Daryl Davis

Retail planner and consultant Bob Gibbs will be joined by Terry Shook, an expert in retail design and main street development, and Seaside town center developer, Daryl Davis, to present this one-of-a-kind retail workshop.

Thu, Dec 11th 2014 11:06am

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Tue, Feb 16th 2010 2:16pm


More businesses choose downtowns and walkable locations

As I reported earlier this year, more and more businesses are choosing to locate in downtowns and walkable suburban locations, in part to attract younger workers who prefer a less car-dependent, more urban lifestyle.

Thu, Jul 2nd 2015 10:27am
The business case for compact cities and towns

Innovation and access to good employees -- two reasons why businesses are choosing to locate in walkable downtowns and towns centers.

Tue, Dec 24th 2013 9:51am
Atlanta, hotbed of walkable real estate

If the poster-child city for suburban sprawl is fertile ground for mixed-use, compact development, then the trend must be strong.

Thu, Oct 3rd 2013 8:54am