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Dan Cary
State Street Ithaca
International symposium

Rob Krier presenting his sculpture to Robert Davis.  Photo by Brandan Babineaux.

I-10 Claiborne overpass
Court Square

This traffic circle, Court Square Fountain, Montgomery, Alabama, has character and helps create a sense of place. Courtesy of Dover, Kohl & Partners; photo by Peter Fouts,...

Modern roundabout

A new roundabout in Okemos, Michigan, makes a strong impression but may intimidate pedestrians and cyclists. It appears overengineered, thanks to the splitter island and the...

Raleigh growth framework

Raleigh’s Growth Framework Map

Nashville chart

Nashville’s integration of the transect with other planning tools

Somerville plan

Somerville’s map showing conserved / enhanced / transformed areas

El Paso

El Paso’s draft Thoroughfare Plan overlaid on future land-use map sectors, below.

A street in Amsterdam

Koningsplein, Amsterdam. Street nicely accommodates cyclists and mass transit as well as pedestrians. Reprinted with permission of John Wily & Sons, John Massengale and...

Madison Square

Madison Square, Broadway at 23rd Street, NY. “Tactical urbanism at its best,” Dover and Massengale say. New Yorkers immediately started enjoying the former expanse of asphalt...