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Kigali plan

Courtesy of CNU

Public process

Local government planners frequently seek consultant support for projects that involve extensive public outreach. Photo courtesy of Gianni Longo.


Miami 21

The recently adopted Miami 21 plan shows that state-of-the-art New Urban regulatory practices can work in the context of a major municipal planning agency. Courtesy of ...


Seaside, located in a then-rural part of Walton County, FL, faced fewer regulatory hurdles when it was approved thirty years ago than would a similar project today.


Agenda 21

Headlines linking local planning initiatives to a “globalist effort to control citizenry” play to fears of a United Nations conspiracy.


Andres Duany's One Square Mile Lecture

Duany points to the screen during a 1990s lecture, dubbed the One Square Mile Lecture, that he gave hundreds of times to officials, practitioners, and citizens across the...

Ozzie and Harriet

Peter Calthorpe’s early lectures showed how the typical “Ozzie and Harriet” family no longer reflected market realities in most American communities.


Newsweek cover

This 13-page cover story in Newsweek was the first high-profile recognition of the New Urbanism in a national news magazine.



Builder: New Urban Challenge

Coverage of show homes at the 2005 Builder’s Convention made it look as if New Urbanism had taken over this important industry event. 


Glenwood Park

Glenwood Park in Atlanta, a new urban infill project, showcases the potential returns—environmental, social and financial—that result from skillful planning and implementation...

Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park in Orlando, a highly successful new urbanist re-use of a former naval training center, features a vital new downtown and mixed-use main street. Photo courtesy of...

Rick Bernhardt