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Zaha Hadid's parking garage
Living area

Ben Jacobsen photo, courtesy of Northeast Collaborative Architects

The arcade from the street

Courtesy of Northeast Collaborative Architects

AutoZone Park

Courtesy of Looney Ricks Kiss

Regions Field
Long Island Radically Rezoned

From the Build a Better Burb proposals. From Designing Suburban Futures, Island Press, 2013

Lower East side plan

Courtesy of CNU

Kigali plan

Courtesy of CNU

Public process

Local government planners frequently seek consultant support for projects that involve extensive public outreach. Photo courtesy of Gianni Longo.


Miami 21

The recently adopted Miami 21 plan shows that state-of-the-art New Urban regulatory practices can work in the context of a major municipal planning agency. Courtesy of ...


Seaside, located in a then-rural part of Walton County, FL, faced fewer regulatory hurdles when it was approved thirty years ago than would a similar project today.