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Charrette: A social innovation lab

Or a wide range of ways to build social capital or how charitable institutions backstop community with philanthropy. But for those of you who are working in the city planning trenches every day, using collaborative design workshops to engage the people, you’re really running a form of social innovation lab. 

Douglas Duany to be awarded The Seaside Prize

The Seaside Prize is awarded annually by The Seaside Institute to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the quality and character of our communities and are considered the leaders of contemporary urban development and education. The 2016 Prize ceremony will be held on February 21 in Seaside, Florida. A symposium will be held that weekend in conjunction with the Prize. Douglas Duany will be awarded the Seaside Prize on February 20th, 2016. A schedule of the weekend events along with registration information will be available on the Seaside Institute website.

What we need to learn from Katrina

Cities are immensely complex self-organizing systems, not mere top-down designs—but they do need top-down interventions in strategic places. Unfortunately, we still have inadequate models and tools.

'Just Get the Ground Floor Right …' Modernism's last stand

Over 40 years one truth has been drummed into our downtown urban design consciousness: “Just get the ground floor right” and everything else will be fine.

A new village for compact regional growth

Form Ithaca examined how spread-out growth in the Town of Ithaca can be reorganized into a village with a complete street connecting to downtown.

UDA: A Reflection on 50 Years

The year 2014 marked the 50th anniversary for Urban Design Associates (UDA). As we look forward to the next chapter, it is fun to open the archives and take stock of efforts that changed the way we were thinking and working. We have put together a short reflection of our work across five decades to gain perspective or the future: UDA @ 50 Viewbook.

A better plan for the other side of the tracks

On the "wrong side of the railroad tracks" from downtown—The East End of Garland, Texas, has significant potential to revitalize. A new plan shows how that could happen.

Anchor a revitalization with an arts plaza

Torti Gallas and Partners led a CNU "Legacy Charrette" team that recommended streetscape improvements and other pedestrian enhancements throughout the Six Points Urban Village.

Density is just a number

Stop talking about density and start talking about place.

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