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Charter Awards honor wide variety of projects

A form-based code and affordable transit-oriented development tie for Grand Prize in CNU annual design awards.

What makes a good Main Street work?

While some Main Streets seem well past their prime, others – like Corning’s – remain thriving to this day. Why? Location is important, but design and context also matter.

The plan that made a drab suburb cool

This video from urbanists Dover, Kohl & Partners offers instructions on the transformation of an inner suburb that was languishing. 

Enough about the Millennials already!

Be careful about lazy research.

Why urban history matters

Going forward, let's not discount the influence of history's recurring themes in how we redevelop the urban realm.

New urban math

To forge a coalition for urban places, let’s start by trumpeting an important fact: The value of cities and towns transcends simple arithmetic. Part 1 in a 3-part series.

Informing excellence, not imitation

When I write about a particular square in some inspiring place, I’m not saying we should stamp 5-story buildings on squares all across the landscape. I’m reaffirming that a sense of enclosure can provide a feeling of comfort and satisfaction.

Visions of Seaside

A new book examines the principled past and visions for the future of the town that inspired New Urbanism.

Urbanism without effort: sometimes the best places are created instinctively

While conscious city planning can be good, the instinctive organization of city life can be even better, and the world is full of examples if we look for them.

Designing Suburban Futures: New Models from Build a Better Burb

A book by by June Williamson
Island Press, 2013, 138 pp., $35 paperback, $70 hardcover

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