Transit/transit-oriented dev.

On transit and transit-oriented development (TOD)

Major transit-oriented project advances in Atlanta suburb

A form-based code is approved for the City of Doraville’s town center and former GM factory.

A new French revolution

A new revolution is engulfing French cities, large and small, to stem the tide of automobile domination of French culture.

Why San Francisco, New York and DC may be more affordable than you thought

Highly enlightening new data demonstrate the immense importance of walkability and transit in shaping how affordable large US cities are for a range of household types.

Place-based development and streetcar transforming downtown Tucson

Restaurants, retail, offices, and adobe homes pop-up in and around the long-suffering downtown damaged by urban renewal.

Place Mobility: Sometimes good transportation is slow

Streetcars are expensive and slow, and that drives Matthew Yglesias crazy. He fails to grasp Place Mobility, which can be an excellent transportation investment for a city. 

Streetcar is approved for Columbia Pike

Columbia Pike in Arlington, Virginia, one of the more successful commercial strip redevelopment areas spurred by a form-based code, will get a streetcar.

Placemaking begins and ends with the people

The secret of success for urbanists is to listen more and strive to connect with the folks that we serve.

The maddening misconceptions about transit use

The success of transit systems depends more on convenience and user experience than density or culture.

We're driving less, taking transit more. Let's invest accordingly

Because the new report is consistent with a multitude of information showing changes in living patterns and lifestyle preferences, we should shift more public resources into transit.

The city that wouldn't die

More than 10,000 jobs have been added to downtown Detroit in the last few years, and that number is expected to top 15,000 by 2015.

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