Dealing with environmental issues

City issues are environmental issues. Here's why.

Cities need nature. But what is not so well understood is that nature also needs cities. We can't protect a thriving natural landscape if we continue to sprawl across the countryside.

Moving beyond 'smart growth' to a more holistic city agenda

Smart growth and smart transportation – as important as they are to the future of our communities and our planet – are not nearly enough to produce sustainable communities.

Six ways that thoughtful community planning can help fight climate change

The good news is that growth in both sprawl and traffic has slowed considerably as people rediscover the benefits of living in cities and walkable suburban neighborhoods.

The new urgency of 'thinking globally, acting locally'

The statistics are staggering.  Over the next five decades, if present trends do not reverse dramatically, humanity is set to create more sheer volume of urban settlement than it has in all of human history.

The very embodiment of sustainability, in a small city

Green Mountain Power has put together an impressive combination of sustainability factors in two rehabbed, side-by-side buildings in Rutland, Vermont.

No lions, no tigers … but BEARS, oh my

The problem with bears and rural sprawl — lured out of natural areas by the availability of garbage, they tend to die in automobile accidents. 

Climate change: A global commons problem

Effective mitigation strategies involve packages of mutually reinforcing policies — including diversity and integration of land uses, and access to and investment in public transport.

Lean is the new green

TheLean Initiative doesn’t advocate for a complete free-for-all, but rather lightening the load so that more of us can get meaningful stuff done. 

My place on Earth

From the planet to the neighborhood, from city life to nature, the world of Kaid Benfield is presented in a series of photographs.

People Habitat: 25 Ways to Think About Greener, Healthier Cities

A book by By F. Kaid Benfield, Island Press, 2014, 304 pp., $25 paperback or e-book

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