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Twelve steps to cut pedestrian deaths

Here’s a few of practical steps to slow speeds, deter distracted driving and help make walking a safer, comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

New shared-space waterfront for DC

A 12-block waterfront redevelopment broke ground in Washington DC that extensively uses the concept of "share-space" streets for the purpose of placemaking.

Five steps to a complete community

Here are changes needed to make a small apartment complex in Chico truly walkable.

Streetcar is approved for Columbia Pike

Columbia Pike in Arlington, Virginia, one of the more successful commercial strip redevelopment areas spurred by a form-based code, will get a streetcar.

What makes a good Main Street work?

While some Main Streets seem well past their prime, others – like Corning’s – remain thriving to this day. Why? Location is important, but design and context also matter.

Keys to a better streetscape

When Burlingame completes the makeover of its main street, it may be one of the most beautiful streets in Northern California. Here's what I saw ... 

Bad call: Wide streets in the name of fire safety

Fire officials often push for wider streets so that their biggest trucks can move more swiftly — but the wider streets lead to more deaths and injuries. They do this, supposedly, in the name of safety.

Ped-bike advocates and urbanists: Get together

A new benchmarking report on biking and walking reveals a big hole in this growing movement — many ped-bike advocates rarely talk to urbanists and vice-versa.

In North America or Europe, ‘shared streets’ work, says expert

Ben Hamilton-Baillie will have a plenary spot at CNU 22 in Buffalo June 6 to share his experiences implementing shared streets.

Roundabouts: A tool for placemaking

Designed properly, roundabouts enhance placemaking and the pedestrian experience.

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