Content on walkable streets

Making multifamily truly urban

The multifamily industry is building more in walkable locations, but developers still need instruction on the manners of placemaking. Here are some hints.

Avoiding mistakes in bike-ped infrastructure

Today I’m going to provide some tips – some do’s and don’ts – for public officials to help them navigate the difficult transition from drive-only to bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

Urbanists are thrilled that Caltrans endorses NACTO guide

This should open the way for more common sense street design in towns and cities all over California, notes one urbanist. The decision could influence other states.

The place for bike lanes

Initial attempts at making city streets more encouraging to cyclists have often been marred by poor design.

Federal bill for 'complete streets' introduced

Smart Growth America reports on a new Senate bill, the Safe Streets Act of 2013:

The art of traffic calming

There are so many factors that go in to making a city walkable. The factor that I find to be the most important, in pretty much all cases, is how safe the walkways are in terms of traffic.

The problems with modern roundabouts

Some of the traffic-control designs popularized in recent years undercut the comfort and well-being of pedestrians.

How to build great streets

Some of the engineering solutions aimed at achieving “complete streets” fall short of their goal, say the authors of an authoritative new book. It would be better to focus on enclosure, architecture, overall width, and trees, they say.

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