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A city street is a terrible thing to waste

To stop the killing of pedestrians on New York City Streets, we have to change the way we build our streets.

The new science of traffic engineering

If transportation officials embrace a new approach backed by science, safe and effective mobility no longer need conflict with the multidimensional role of streets as public spaces and with people’s varied modes of travel.

What traffic engineers can learn from doctors

If traffic engineering had been practiced more like medicine, the combination of data and proposed solutions would have resulted in a substantial soul-searching and in a reversal of common practice.

Reclaiming the median for development

Granary Row, a seasonal pop-up festival that has operated for two years, uses old shipping containers to create retail stores and a open-air stage, and a beer garden has been fenced off—all in the middle of the road, along a block-length section an old industrial area. 

As traffic deaths rise, blame engineering dogma

US traffic deaths are rising again—fatalities jumped 8.1 percent in the first half of 2015, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports.

Waste in the name of walkability

When a $7.2 million project designed to improve quality of life through walkability fails to meet any walkability goals, there's a problem.

Freeway Free: A vision for the city

Freeway-Free San Francisco, a new report by CNU, lays out a plan for better living and transportation while making room for affordable housing.

Comedic history of how cars took over cities

The TruTV show Adams Ruins Everything ran an episode on cars that is a good history of American favoritism toward automobile transportation and why that hurts people.

Complete Streets should be No Big Deal

Until truly Complete Streets become a normal part of transportation engineering, this profession will remain primary preventers of creating places people love.

FHWA prepares to knock down complete street barrier

The Federal Highway Administration wants to drop 11 of 13 mandatory standards for thoroughfares under 50 mph, which is another domino falling in favor of complete streets, engineers say.

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