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As traffic deaths rise, blame engineering dogma

US traffic deaths are rising again—fatalities jumped 8.1 percent in the first half of 2015, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports.

Waste in the name of walkability

When a $7.2 million project designed to improve quality of life through walkability fails to meet any walkability goals, there's a problem.

Freeway Free: A vision for the city

Freeway-Free San Francisco, a new report by CNU, lays out a plan for better living and transportation while making room for affordable housing.

Comedic history of how cars took over cities

The TruTV show Adams Ruins Everything ran an episode on cars that is a good history of American favoritism toward automobile transportation and why that hurts people.

Complete Streets should be No Big Deal

Until truly Complete Streets become a normal part of transportation engineering, this profession will remain primary preventers of creating places people love.

FHWA prepares to knock down complete street barrier

The Federal Highway Administration wants to drop 11 of 13 mandatory standards for thoroughfares under 50 mph, which is another domino falling in favor of complete streets, engineers say.

Streets are about economics and urban design more than engineering

A fascinating Internet discussion makes the case for solving congestion problems using economic, rather than engineering, strategies. But urban design should also be considered.

Walk Appeal and public health

Do you want food that is merely edible? How about a cup of coffee that is just drinkable? What we need isn’t places that are solely walkable, but rather places with Walk Appeal.

Bye, bye 'collector,' hello 'avenue'

LA's new Mobility Plan 2035 replaces auto-centric thoroughfare designations with new urban terms.

Smart thinking on transportation

Street Smart, a first-hand account from a contrarian engineer who rose to the top of his profession when the automobile was king, offers valuable insights into America's infrastructure problems.

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