Planning and the planning profession

The planning aikido of Harriet Tregoning

Last month, Washington DC Planning Director Harriet Tregoning announced that she’d be leaving her position after 6 years to become the director of HUD’s Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities.

Come together locally for smarter growth

Connecting competence to organized support is key to reversing the Sisyphean cycle of urban placemaking.

An exurban town sees the benefits of walkability

Londonderry, New Hampshire, could be a model for New England suburbs to organize growth at the metropolitan edge. 

Enough about the Millennials already!

Be careful about lazy research.

A wiser way of counting

Coming together under a big tent for synergistic growth that contributes to strong communities. This is the concluding essay in a 3-part series.

Comprehensive plans – helping or hurting?

Easy steps can be taken to provide more vision and effectiveness for a municipal road map to the future.

Texas: The new smart growth state

Arthur C. Nelson explains why pro-sprawl pundit Wendell Cox has it backwards when he claimed in the The Wall Street Journal that smart growth policies caused the housing crash.

We need more driving-optional neighborhoods

Maybe it’s my 1960s North Carolina upbringing, but I like nice cars and have always managed to have one. What I would not like, though, is being dependent on a car for every single thing I need.

Chaotic but smart

To build a Strong Town, there is going to be a level of chaos, a certain amount of discomfort in most of our lives. 

Density is the new fertility bogeyman

Joel Kotkin's muddle-headed theory on babies and urban living is aimed at blocking housing choice for young families.

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