Richards will lead CNU: 'We are at a tipping point'

Partnerships are key to advancing the urban placemaking agenda, says Lynn Richards, who will take over as President and CEO of the Congress for the New Urbanism on July 1.

Making multifamily truly urban

The multifamily industry is building more in walkable locations, but developers still need instruction on the manners of placemaking. Here are some hints.

Multifamily: from 'train wreck' to urban

In a comprehensive piece called "What's New in New Urbanism," Multi-Housing News reports that new urban ideas have "swept the industry over the past 20 years."

Urbanists are thrilled that Caltrans endorses NACTO guide

This should open the way for more common sense street design in towns and cities all over California, notes one urbanist. The decision could influence other states.

Realtors discover that walkable places are preferred

A survey sponsored by Realtors illustrates that home buying is more like a prix fixe menu than ordering a la carte.

Come together locally for smarter growth

Connecting competence to organized support is key to reversing the Sisyphean cycle of urban placemaking.

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