New Urbanism trend

On the New Urbanism trend

Top 10 cool things to do at CNU

So many great things will be happening at CNU 23 in Dallas from April 28 through May 2 that we cannot name them all. The following are highlights:

So you're on the fence ...

I’m really excited that CNU 23 will put us in the heart of North Texas and I’m not alone. “Dallas is the city that best represents what’s happening with urbanism across the United States,” notes Jeff Tumlin.

Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio: TSW Planners, Architects and Landscape Architects

Bill Tunnell, a founding principal at TSW, was featured on the "Around Atlanta"
edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio in February. Bill explains to host Todd
Schnick what New Urbanism is and how the principles can be applied to redevelop
small towns, including some of the communities surrounding the city of Atlanta.

The four phases of New Urbanism

The New Urbanism is emerging slowly, in phases. We are only partway through a change that will take generations. We are now immmersed in the revitalization of cities. More phases will come.

CNU welcomes CNU Utah As 17th chapter

Last month, the Congress for New Urbanism's family of Chapters got a little bigger.

Changing New Urbanism

The Charter remains an inspiring blueprint for improving streets, neighborhoods, and regions all over the world—now it is being more fully implemented.

How New Urbanism bridges left and right

Pragmatic conservatives take seriously the arguments of those who call for return-on-investment tests for taxpayer-supported infrastructure.

The long view: A look back at Harbor Town's first 25 years

As recently as 1988, Harbor Town was a scrubby sandbar in the Mississippi River. Today, it’s a thriving community of over 3,000 people, a haven for cyclists and pedestrians, and a test tube for city planners. What can Memphis learn from this neo-traditional neighborhood in the shadow of downtown?

Developer Henry Turley enlisted the architectural services of Baltimore’s RKTL and Memphis’s Looney Ricks Kiss. Together, they developed a land plan for the neighborhood, as well as a picture book that laid out simple “do this, don’t do this” instructions for home builders.

Call for Submissions: The 2015 CNU Charter Awards

In 2015, the Charter Awards will affirm great design’s links to a better quality of life.

Zimmerman and Volk win Seaside Prize

"Todd and Laurie's impact on the success of New Urbanism has been enormous,” said Frank Starkey, chairman of the board of the Seaside Institute.

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