New Urbanism trend

On the New Urbanism trend

Richards will lead CNU: 'We are at a tipping point'

Partnerships are key to advancing the urban placemaking agenda, says Lynn Richards, who will take over as President and CEO of the Congress for the New Urbanism on July 1.

Come together locally for smarter growth

Connecting competence to organized support is key to reversing the Sisyphean cycle of urban placemaking.

Gearing up for another Stern talkin' to at CNU

Some are surprised that Robert A.M. Stern has been invited back to CNU — the last time he addressed the gathering, he attacked his host. But that's actually the CNU way.

Theory and reality and the post-sprawl city

Part 3 of a Review of Landscape Urbanism and its Discontents

Campuses belong to the people, too

Part two of a Review of Landscape Urbanism and Its Discontents

The standard model of urbanism and how to argue over it

Part one of a review of Landscape Urbanism and Its Discontents

CNU invites applications for President and CEO

Incumbent President/CEO John Norquist is scheduled to step down in mid-2014. The Congress for the New Urbanism seeks candidates with the hope of announcing his successor at CNU 22 in Buffalo.

CNU president John Norquist to step down after a decade

Norquist spearheaded campaigns for highway removal, federal reform of housing policy and walkable communities.

How to make the new populist urbanism

This isn’t an either/or situation. New Urbanism and Smart Growth can continue to shelter the top-down academic while simultaneously championing the bottom-up DIYer. Just expand the tent.

At 20, Poundbury is winning converts

Since it’s launch in 1993, Prince Charles’s Poundbury development in Dorcester, England, has set the standard as a high-quality, successful new town designed according to New Urbanism.

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