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The Just Right Home

Buying, Renting, Moving — or Just Dreaming — Find Your Perfect Match!, a book by Marianne Cusato, Workman, 2013, 372 pp.,  $12.95 paperback

Visions of Seaside

A new book examines the principled past and visions for the future of the town that inspired New Urbanism.

Charter of the New Urbanism, Second Edition

A book edited by Emily Talen; McGraw-Hill, 302 pages, $60 softcover

The best neighborhood in North America

Welcome to Jacobsburg, which offers many lessons for other communities to follow.

Cincinnati adopts a new form-based code

The Queen City is part of a trend of big cities that are reforming their zoning. The next step is to apply the code to neighborhoods via regulating plans.

Dialing-in your zoning to fit your community

Form-based codes work because each community and the places that comprise it have an identifiable structure: a physical structure.

Three steps to downtown economic renaissance

Redwood City, California, brought a humdrum business district back to life by creating better public spaces, adding an anchor, and reforming codes to unleash the private sector.

Daybreak makes no small plans

The biggest TND ever is the exception to the rule that small projects thrive in this economy.

Major transit-oriented project begins in suburban Long Island

An overhaul has begun for one of the most distressed neighborhoods in the New York City inner-ring suburbs.

Tactical approach leads to grand vision

Providence, Rhode Island, seeks to transform its major plaza — now compromised by buses and other vehicular traffic — into a gateway to the city. Getting to this point required a series of small steps.

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