Downtown Boulder

An effort to revitalize a deteriorating downtown led to the creation in 1977 of the Pearl Street Mall out of four blocks of the city’s main commercial street, extending two blocks east and west from its intersection with Broadway. The many trees, flowerbeds, benches, and public art, as well as the numerous local restaurants and eclectic businesses spanning the blocks, have made it one of the nation’s most successful urban places.

Boulder, CO


The Lower Downtown Historic District, or LoDo, is framed by Cherry Creek/Speer Boulevard, 20th Street, Larimer Street, and Wewatta Street. The neighborhood contains Denver’s largest collection of 19th century mercantile and warehouse buildings.

Denver, CO

Civic Center/Golden Triangle

Inspired by the City Beautiful movement, Denver’s Civic Center Park began as a vision from one of Denver’s esteemed mayors, Robert W. Speer, and was brought to life by the renowned landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.

Denver, CO


Fairlie-Poplar, named for two of its streets, is a 28-block part of Atlanta’s Downtown listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is an Atlanta Landmark District.

Atlanta, GA


The City of Roswell, approximately 20 miles north of Atlanta on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, was established by Roswell King in the late 1830s. His intention was to open a mill and establish a new city similar to those in his native New England.

Fulton County , GA


When Decatur, Georgia, was incorporated in 1823, the area that would become downtown Atlanta six miles to the west had not seen the construction of its first log cabin. Locals remain proud of the fact that, historically speaking at least, Atlanta is a suburb of Decatur.

DeKalb County, GA


Departing from the grid pattern characteristic of many American towns, the planners of Annapolis adopted a modified Baroque plan, first applied by French Baroque designers in garden layout, as at Versailles.

Annapolis, MD


Early in 1749 the Virginia Assembly authorized the purchase of 60 acres for the creation of a new town. The boundaries and streets were established by John West, the county surveyor, assisted by 17-year-old George Washington.

Alexandria, VA

Montgomery Downtown

Even with the usual planning missteps of the mid‐20th century, Montgomery could use an early history of good planning, some intact urban fabric, strong city leadership, a dedicated planning staff, and a network of local investor support to provide a foundation to build a better city upon.

Montgomery, AL
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