Infill, grayfield, and brownfield redevelopment

Place-based development and streetcar transforming downtown Tucson

Restaurants, retail, offices, and adobe homes pop-up in and around the long-suffering downtown damaged by urban renewal.

What the latest housing data mean for the environment

Let’s not pronounce sprawl dead just yet. Compared at least to the last five years, things might get a little worse before they get better. But the resurgence in city living is real.

New shared-space waterfront for DC

A 12-block waterfront redevelopment broke ground in Washington DC that extensively uses the concept of "share-space" streets for the purpose of placemaking.

New Urbanism’s impact on mid-sized and smaller cities

Birmingham, Michigan; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Providence, Rhode Island; and others that adopted a new urban approach 15 or 20 years ago have transformed themselves.

Making multifamily truly urban

The multifamily industry is building more in walkable locations, but developers still need instruction on the manners of placemaking. Here are some hints.

The plan that made a drab suburb cool

This video from urbanists Dover, Kohl & Partners offers instructions on the transformation of an inner suburb that was languishing. 

Traditional downtowns reconsidered: some further thoughts

If there is anything I don’t want to be misunderstood about, it’s my conviction that central and inner cities are making a pronounced and very exciting comeback in much of America.

Is the 'traditional' downtown a thing of the past? Is that OK?

Readers of a certain age may recall the hit song, “Downtown,” in 1965. We all know what happened next. GenXers and Millennials, who never experienced the loss, are more optimistic about cities.

Incremental urbanism is the key to California's future

The new frontier is within our existing towns, cities, and metropolitan areas. We need to grow inward and upward.

The ultimate ‘car city’ seeks change

Phoenix pins its hopes on transit-oriented development along the light rail line.

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