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Walkable winter cities

Coming in from my slow run on this morning’s packed snow, I am grateful again for my old, walkable neighbourhood that tempts me out of doors, even in the cold weather.

Surgeon General’s prescription for health: Walk more

Murthy announced a national campaign to encourage Americans to walk more and make all communities safer and easier for walking. His office will partner with schools, citizens groups and businesses to meet these goals.

Surgeon General to call for walkable communities

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy will launch a "Call to Action on Promoting Walking and Walkable Communities" September 9 at 10 a.m.

New index examines livability

AARP has launched a Livability Index, which is the most comprehensive attempt at measuring quality of life in neighborhoods throughout the US. It is useful and problematic.

Plans for New Health and Wellness Area in Bryan Revealed

The Bryan, Texas Health and Wellness Plan was unveiled Thursday afternoon at the City of Bryan Council Chambers. The  purpose of the LRK-designed plan is to promote healthy, active lifestyles and to support area businesses, St. Joseph Regional Health Center and Blinn College. 

City trees and greenery cut pollution and boost health

The fates of nature and cities are intricately related: Nature needs cities, and cities need nature.

System A and System B

When the research favors compact, mixed-use neighborhoods, why does government favor sprawl?

Compact and connected communities improve public health

We know from exhaustive research that walkable neighborhoods reduce driving, associated emissions, and living costs.  Three academic studies demonstrate health benefits, too.

Compact street networks support better health

The study published in the Journal of Transport & Health shows lower levels of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Placemaking is critical for the local economy

Do you want your community to thrive in the future? If so, placemaking is a key to making that happen.

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