Private sector finance

How to reduce vehicle pollution and save money globally

New report: More than $100 trillion in public and private spending could be saved between now and 2050 if the world were to expand public transportation, walking and bicycling.

Placemaking is critical for the local economy

Do you want your community to thrive in the future? If so, placemaking is a key to making that happen.

What’s in it for me? Why placemaking matters

Why does city planning matter to people who aren’t urban designer types? Here’s an elevator pitch and a more detailed answer.

Stroad nation

We can’t over-simplify the dynamics of all that has happened in Ferguson, but it’s obvious that our platform for building places is creating dynamics primed for social upheaval.

Restoring the lifeblood to Main Street

Main streets are arguably the most American place. From the 1930s on, financial rules shut off the lifeblood to this American institution.

Michigan moves forward with place-based investment

The state is implementing programs that steer investment vehicles to high-value locations in mixed-use downtowns and main streets. Walk Score is one criterion that is employed for tax credits.

HUD expected to further ease restrictions on mixed-use financing

The administrative change to follow recent successful FHA standards, according to CNU president John Norquist.

Building high to qualify

Medium-rise residential is often more appropriate, but little-known Federal regulations have restricted this type of development for decades.

The fool proof city

The most brilliant innovations in building cities won't come from politicians, professionals and advocates. That brilliance is already embodied in the traditional development pattern.

Service areas are a rational response to low density development

Americans can choose between three distinct lifestyles: rural, urban and suburban. These choices have been available throughout history, but we blurred their differences in our Suburban Experiment.

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