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The health of cities depends on place-based development more than big projects

Cities take a physical form that either supports or is stressful to people outside of a moving vehicle or building. Rybczynski, in his critique of New Urbanism, forgets that lesson.

Making multifamily truly urban

The multifamily industry is building more in walkable locations, but developers still need instruction on the manners of placemaking. Here are some hints.

Multifamily: from 'train wreck' to urban

In a comprehensive piece called "What's New in New Urbanism," Multi-Housing News reports that new urban ideas have "swept the industry over the past 20 years."

An exurban town sees the benefits of walkability

Londonderry, New Hampshire, could be a model for New England suburbs to organize growth at the metropolitan edge. 

Smart growth and strong mayors

Inspiring stories of visionary leaders are splendid, but it is more reliable to build "champions" from the bottom up.

The plan that made a drab suburb cool

This video from urbanists Dover, Kohl & Partners offers instructions on the transformation of an inner suburb that was languishing. 

Traditional downtown anchors moving from isolation to integration

No longer comprised of isolated districts, twenty-first century downtowns are rebuilding themselves once again as integrated places. 

Enough about the Millennials already!

Be careful about lazy research.

2014 Real Estate Impact Conference

Held Feb. 13 at the newly-minted Perez Art Museum Miami, one of the latest developments in the movement to revitalize downtown and its surrounding areas, the conference, hosted by the UM School of Business and School of Architecture, brought together nearly 300 people.

Easton Town Center to welcome Easton Gateway, a 54 acre district, adding 600,000 sq/ft of retail

Easton town Center's newest addition is Easton Gateway, a 54-acre district that adds more than 600,000 sq/ft of retail space to a master planned development that already includes more than 8 million square feet of high performing retail, office, hotel and residential space.

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