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Repurposing aids renewal

Witnessing the robust redevelopment underway throughout Atlanta’s Westside, it would seem business owners and residents have taken to heart author Horace Greeley’s famous quote, “Go west, young man.”

Planning communities that nurture entrepreneuring

Evidence suggests that walkable, mixed-use urban areas enhance economic growth.

Does your town need small developers? Look in the mirror

Who is going to build the finer-grained Missing Middle housing, the small workspaces, the two and three story mixed use buildings that municipalities and neighborhoods are looking for?

Yesterday a danger zone—today, pure San Francisco

By any measure, San Francisco ranks among the world’s most beautiful cities. Yet for years, in a sector that tourists never see, 50 barracks-style buildings constructed in 1943 housed 264 families in poverty and fear.

An industrial shell turns powerhouse

The former Pearl Brewery is the economic and social hub for San Antonio's revitalizing River North neighborhood.

7 skills a small developer should have (or borrow)

When I hear the question “How Do I get Started as a Developer?”  it is usually followed by a string of questions which amount to “Can you draw me a map that will guide me through every detailed step to becoming a developer?”

Thoughts on Seaside at 35

Vision, tradition, creativity, adaptation and yes, time, converge and contribute to the community's many successes—but failures are also evident.

The problems of success in the new urban era

Cities face challenges associated with rising values, an influx of more educated residents, and gentrification. Here's what cities can do.

A model for transit-oriented revitalization

Once a railway coal siding and more recently a full city block of asphalt surface parking, North Philadelphia’s Paseo Verde now provides affordable, high quality, sustainable housing for a range of income levels.

Why won't you build condos?

Big building. Complex Mechanical Systems. Lots of specialized details to make the exterior envelope keep the weather out. Condo Ownership. What could possibly go wrong?
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