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Berlin and its urban 'playborhoods'

Walking around Berlin, my 10-year old pointed out the exceptional numbers of downtown kids, and really enjoyed hanging out in some of the neighborhood parks.

From Pop Up to Stand Up: Growing a Creative Economy

Urban Design Associates has led the re-shaping of the charrette model to not only project the reactivation of neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces, but to be part of the reactivation.

What’s in it for me? Why placemaking matters

Why does city planning matter to people who aren’t urban designer types? Here’s an elevator pitch and a more detailed answer.

You’ve got lemons: What now?

Before it was a tiny lending library; now it’s a timeless marker of community that’s emerged as the source of conflict—12-year-old T.J. Guerrero and his Dunedin, Florida lemonade stand.

Ferguson's potential

Despite inner-ring suburban problems, communities like Ferguson, Missouri, have significant potential for revival.

Stroad nation

We can’t over-simplify the dynamics of all that has happened in Ferguson, but it’s obvious that our platform for building places is creating dynamics primed for social upheaval.

Bookshelf reveals community dysfunction

In Leawood, Kansas, the front-yard book kiosk of 9-year-old resident Spencer Collins was cited as an illegal accessory structure.

Moving beyond 'smart growth' to a more holistic city agenda

Smart growth and smart transportation – as important as they are to the future of our communities and our planet – are not nearly enough to produce sustainable communities.

Univ. of Miami School of Architecture holds Capstone Workshop in the Little Santo Domingo

The School of Architecture’s tradition of community outreach continues through the Capstone Workshop held in the Little Santo Domingo area of Allapattah from May 19-May 23.  The workshop assists communities with visioning, architecture, urban design strategies, feasibility studies and development scenarios.

Connections, community, and the science of loneliness

What if our family had lived in a walkable neighborhood? These sorts of places are the ones rich in social networks, which – interestingly – build neural networks.

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