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Upcoming programs at the Seaside Institute

The Seaside Institute is offering a series of Arts & Architecture related
classes this spring. Architectural Photography with Steven Brooke, Plein
Air painting with Kathie Odom and an intensive drawing class with Brian
Bomeisler. A limited number of affordable places to stay are available for
registrants in the Seaside Academic Village.

We’re all complicit in change. So now what?

Once we acknowledge our own culpability in inevitable change, the more we can work together to address it — towards the greatest possible benefit for the most people.

Suburbs of survival, and the Democracy of placemaking

"Sustainable placemaking concepts must not be limited to downtown areas. There are clear health and economic benefits from building services into suburban neighborhoods."

A new village wins Community of the Year

The Village of Providence, a remarkable project that was named the National Association of Homebuilders' Community of the Year for 2014, also launched my career in New Urbanism.

Concluding UDO Draft Released: All set for commission consideration

In 2010, Decatur, Georgia completed a 10-year update to its Strategic Plan
which defined a community-based vision for its future and provided steps for the
City to take to achieve it. During the planning process, discussion often focused on
growth and development in context of a desire for the community to be environmentally, socially, and economically sustainability. As the City and its consultants looked at how to promote these ideas, it became clear that the regulations that guided growth in the City were often at odds with the Plan. To align their regulations with the Strategic Plan in a progressive, user-friendly format, the City retained a team led by TSW to prepare a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) combining zoning, subdivision, environmental, and other regulations into a legally sound and enforceable document.

A Season to Give Something Back

As a Certified B Corporation, Opticos is committed to a triple bottom line that includes sustainable business, accountability, transparency, and meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. As part of our B Corp goals, Opticos sets aside a portion of money on an annual basis to give to a charity or group of charities that are important to us.

What is a livable community, anyway?

In this modern era, the idea of livable communities may be less real to many people than Santa Claus. Yet as long as love, courage, and excellence are real, so are livable communities.

Jane Jacobs was right

Older and smaller buildings and a wide range in building age offer real economic and social benefits for neighborhoods and urban centers, according to a study. 

Berlin and its urban 'playborhoods'

Walking around Berlin, my 10-year old pointed out the exceptional numbers of downtown kids, and really enjoyed hanging out in some of the neighborhood parks.

From Pop Up to Stand Up: Growing a Creative Economy

Urban Design Associates has led the re-shaping of the charrette model to not only project the reactivation of neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces, but to be part of the reactivation.

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