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Porchfest season swings coast to coast

Porchfest is a free music event where people sign up to play on their front porches, lawns, or stoops on a given afternoon. 

Progress depends on more 'infrastructure of community'

Healthy places need two physical characteristics: The architecture of community and the infrastructure of community. Here's why the infrastructure is so important.

Seaside Institute Offers Architectural Photography and Composition Workshop

Registration is now open for Steven Brooke's architectural photography class in Seaside, Florida. The dynamic 5-day workshop combines the history of architectural depiction and composition with an accessible approach to the technical demands of photographing architecture, landscape, and interiors. The workshop is suitable for students of all ability levels and backgrounds - from professional architects and real estate professionals to travelers for whom architecture and design is a passion.

Hightstown Downtown Waterfront Experience

Downtown Hightstown is hosting a brainstorming session on ways to create a "downtown waterfront experience" unique to the region. The workshop on May 26 will discuss ideas for creating a more walkable community, better uses for underutilized properties, and intergrating Peddie Lake into the new plan. LRK is currently providing planning services to Downtown Hightstown and will be coordinating the community meeting.

Plugged in or wireless, Americans grow more isolated

Restoring the civic commons is key to making progress on many challenges, according to a new report.

Responsible tourism

How to preserve the goose that lays the golden egg

UMSoA to Propel Neighborhood Revitalization with $650,000 from Knight Foundation

The University of Miami School of Architecture today announced a plan to bring “third places” – community spaces, marketplaces, incubators and training centers – into two underserved Miami neighborhoods with $650,000 from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The Third Place Project will create spaces that provide resources and support to entrepreneurs, creatives and civic leaders in these neighborhoods, as a way to foster their ideas and break down barriers. It will also help transform these neighborhoods and create opportunities for local businesses, by establishing inexpensive spaces for startups and hubs for arts, culture and entertainment.

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