Form-based codes and guidelines

Brevity is the soul of Brookhaven design guidelines

The town asked that ADL boil down the 43 pages to 2 pages. That's one sheet, front and back — the front for urban standards, the back for architectural standards.

If Savannah had land-use regulations in 1734

The image of Savannah, Georgia, in 1734 is well known to urbanists. It shows the street grid carved out of virgin forest with about 80 little houses built around the first four signature squares.

'Main Street' development accused of being not Main Street at all

The proposed "Tuckahoe Main Street" mixed-use project in Southampton, New York — 10 percent of which would be residential — is being called a mall in disguise.

First building under Ventura’s downtown code

Downtown Ventura, California, has its first new Class A office building since the 1920s, and it’s a beauty.

Complete Streets to increase biking and walking

To help increase bicycling and walking trips and reduce deaths and injuries, 121 jurisdictions across the country have adopted Complete Streets policies since 1971.

New York rushes to prevent intrusive driveways

New York planners have mobilized to ward off a threat to the character of residential streets: insertion of new driveways and garages into pedestrian-friendly blocks of old rowhouses.

Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act

New York State this summer adopted a Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act.

Form-based codes catch on, to some architects' dismay

Cities and towns are shifting from conventional zoning codes to form-based codes, which recently were adopted in Denver and Miami. Architects debate the effects.

The Schuylkill Survey: Local Transects of Pennsylvania River Towns

Today a journey starts. In regular installments to the New Urban Network over the next year, I'll take readers along the length of the Schuylkill River to visit twenty towns and cities.

SmartCodes and other form-based codes

SmartCodes and other form-based codes

Geographic distribution of proposed or adopted codes. Courtesy of Hazel Borys and Emily Talen.

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