Form-based codes and guidelines

Image 4: Potential sprawl

Image 4: Potential sprawl

A section of the Town of Skaneateles, if built out according to current zoning. Plan by Notre Dame graduate Urban Design Studio.

Form-based codes: Progress, but a long way to go

Form-based codes have been adopted citywide this year in high-profile places like Miami, Florida, and Denver, Colorado. Yet it is important to keep that progress in perspective.

Atlanta, Cincinnati ask for TIGER streetcar grants

Having failed last February to win $298 million in federal stimulus funds for a 9.7-mile streetcar system, the City of Atlanta and the Georgia Transit Connector initiative asked this August for $52 million for a line considerably shorter: 2.6 miles.

The Codes Study Maps

Adopted Smartcodes 

Codes Study Bar Chart

Codes Study Bar Chart

Courtesy of Hazel Borys and Emily Talen.

The Codes Study

The Codes Study is a collaborative effort led by Hazel Borys and Emily Talen, contributed to by many public and private planners. The Codes Study tracks SmartCodes, Transect-based codes, and other form-based codes in United States and abroad.

Brevity is the soul of Brookhaven design guidelines

The town asked that ADL boil down the 43 pages to 2 pages. That's one sheet, front and back — the front for urban standards, the back for architectural standards.

If Savannah had land-use regulations in 1734

The image of Savannah, Georgia, in 1734 is well known to urbanists. It shows the street grid carved out of virgin forest with about 80 little houses built around the first four signature squares.

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