Form-based codes and guidelines

Market Street vision

Market Street vision

Transformation of Market Street, Overland Park, based on the new code. Image by Steve Price.

Overland Park learns from Country Club Plaza

Kansas City's largest suburb has enacted a form-based code, and developers are expressing interest in projects in the community's downtown.

Plan of the Month January 2011: A form-based code for an island community

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands hired consultants to draft a form-based code for the capital, Charlotte Amalie, as a pilot project for code reform.

Rainwater and bike changes proposed in LEED-ND

Now that the full-fledged LEED for Neighborhood Development program has been operating for several months, its rating system is being studied with an eye to making improvements.

On beyond infill

The planning profession largely pays obligatory homage to the notion of infill in plans and reports, but in practice, the concept is largely discarded.

Why design guidelines, on their own, don’t work

Guidelines, by themselves, simply fail to deliver great places. They work best when paired with form-based codes.

Zoning vs. guidelines vs. codes

Zoning vs. guidelines vs. codes

Image courtesy Peter Katz and Steve Price, UrbanAdvantage

New Urbanism’s ideas are the future

As the real estate industry transforms, we need the placemaking and urban design leadership of the New Urbanism.

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