Form-based codes and guidelines

Show me the money! New bumper sticker for the new normal?

There hasn’t been a New Urbanist Council gathering for a while. Which is why a lot of pent-up anxiety — and hope — found release in Council sessions in Montgomery, Alabama.

Texas suburb adopts form-based code

The City Council of South Padre Island, Texas, adopted a redevelopment plan and form-based code for the 6-mile commercial corridor along Padre Boulevard.

Help for communities pursuing smart growth

The US Environmental Protection Agency is offering communities more than one route to receiving technical assistance.

Mid-town Square in Beaufort

Project shows how to get a transit village built

Small families, rental apartments, and a right-sized central square are keys to development at Pleasant Hill in Contra Costa County, California.

Special districts: Getting all mixed up

Less compatible large format uses, such as airports and medical campuses, are starting to be included in the urban mix of some cities. 

Extreme makeover: Zoning edition

With each contribution, a code can often move further and further away from its core reason for being: communicating fundamental rules to regular people.

Award-winning codes in Livermore, California, and Lee County, Florida

This year’s winners of the Driehaus Form-Based Codes Awards are the Development Code Rewrite of Livermore, California and the Compact Communities Code of Lee County, Florida.

Goooooal! Sometimes you strategize, Sometimes you ‘dump & chase’

Most of us who work with communities on form-based codes would opt for a full-blown process, but every situation is unique and sometimes you need something a bit more immediate.

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