Form-based codes and guidelines

Renewable Natural Resources Foundation honors LEED-ND

CNU, NRDC, and USGBC receive Outstanding Achievement Award

Urbanism blossoming near Georgia university

A Mercer University initiative, with aid from the Knight Foundation, and a class trip to confer with Richard Florida result in “The Lofts at Mercer Village.”

2011 Sustainable Communities grants announced

Less than a week after the innovative HUD grants program was eliminated, the 2011 recipients are announced.

A 'slow growth' county shifts to smart growth

Montgomery County, Maryland, will try to encourage mixed-use development—urbanizing parts of what has been a predominantly suburban jurisdiction.

Poggibonsi and other Tuscan lessons

Codes generate new development without character, but the strength of place and traditions maintain a strong undercurrent of local life.

Backyard chickens: WWI-era solution to almost everything

Once promoted by the US government as an easy, self-managed balm for a host of domestic (and national) challenges, chickens are now a source of community angst.

How Wall Street can transform the built environment

In order for our economy to recover, financiers need to understand the benefits of mixed-use, compact real estate development models.

Show me the money! New bumper sticker for the new normal?

There hasn’t been a New Urbanist Council gathering for a while. Which is why a lot of pent-up anxiety — and hope — found release in Council sessions in Montgomery, Alabama.

Texas suburb adopts form-based code

The City Council of South Padre Island, Texas, adopted a redevelopment plan and form-based code for the 6-mile commercial corridor along Padre Boulevard.

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