Form-based codes and guidelines

As funds vanish, New England looks at how to pursue sustainability

Boosting the proportion of development along transit networks is one goal of smart growth advocates in the region.

Opportunity for urbanists: Occupy Wall Street

There’s tremendous capital waiting to be invested in urban real estate, but capital funds managers face a gap in experience and expertise.

Renewable Natural Resources Foundation honors LEED-ND

CNU, NRDC, and USGBC receive Outstanding Achievement Award

Urbanism blossoming near Georgia university

A Mercer University initiative, with aid from the Knight Foundation, and a class trip to confer with Richard Florida result in “The Lofts at Mercer Village.”

2011 Sustainable Communities grants announced

Less than a week after the innovative HUD grants program was eliminated, the 2011 recipients are announced.

A 'slow growth' county shifts to smart growth

Montgomery County, Maryland, will try to encourage mixed-use development—urbanizing parts of what has been a predominantly suburban jurisdiction.

Poggibonsi and other Tuscan lessons

Codes generate new development without character, but the strength of place and traditions maintain a strong undercurrent of local life.

Backyard chickens: WWI-era solution to almost everything

Once promoted by the US government as an easy, self-managed balm for a host of domestic (and national) challenges, chickens are now a source of community angst.

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