Form-based codes and guidelines

Greening the DC zoning code?

Is the newly released draft of Washington DC's zoning code really as environmentally protective as officials claim?

B-grid be good

How can towns create more walkable Main Streets without completely sacrificing parking and other vehicular uses?  The B-Grid offers some practical solutions.

From the mayor's office (Part 1)

Stripe the streets and respect the neighborhood! — a list of Strong Town strategies.

Why cities are unaffordable

Cities and towns would do better to focus on more effective regulations and find ways to make them as streamlined as possible.

Regulations that promote sprawl are ebbing

The overall trend is toward a more place-based, character-based legal environment, according to one of the authors of the Codes Study.

As funds vanish, New England looks at how to pursue sustainability

Boosting the proportion of development along transit networks is one goal of smart growth advocates in the region.

Opportunity for urbanists: Occupy Wall Street

There’s tremendous capital waiting to be invested in urban real estate, but capital funds managers face a gap in experience and expertise.

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