Resort planning and development

Mont-Tremblant: Cottage living in the Canadian Shield

I’ve been invigorated again by a short stint of cottage living — who among us hasn’t felt the delightful lightness that comes with downsizing our primary residence?

Lessons from Disney

From a layout and design standpoint, the Disney World resort complex is the ultimate strong town.

The ecological dividend

A careful analysis of Schooner Bay in the Bahamas shows the financial and other benefits of taking a slower, culturally attuned, lower-debt approach to development.

The Schooner Bay miracle

The eye of Hurricane Irene came right across the new town of Schooner Bay, and except for a few outdoor ceiling fans, the buildings sustained no damage at all.

A resort community eludes the down economy

Oklahoma’s down-home Carlton Landing will feature an organic farm with “the nicest chicken coop this side of the Mississippi.”

A more sustainable resort model for the Bahamas


New Urban News Article with images, 7/1/2009
A new resort community may seem an extravagance during the worst housing crunch in more than a half-century, but developer Orjan Lindroth says his project, Schooner Bay, is a model of environmental and fiscal sustainability.

A ‘fortified’ bit of Bermuda on the Florida coast


New Urban News Article with images, 4/1/2008
Alys Beach is designed to make hot weather enjoyable and withstand fierce storms.

On the Florida Panhandle, half a dozen miles east of Seaside, one of the most exotic developments ever associated with American New Urbanism is coming into being. Called Alys Beach in memory of Alys Stephens, grandmother of developer Jason Comer, the 158-acre resort community is so picturesque that motorists sometimes stop and get out of their cars on the short segment of Highway 30A that the developer has converted into a boulevard.

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