The rural-to-urban Transect

The Transect for the rest of us

Many of my colleagues who are rural-urban Transect aficionados sometimes get so deep into the details of this very useful idea that they lose the general public. Here's an explanation in plain English.

Collaborative placemaking maps

While measures like H+T Index, Walkscore, and IMI Walkability Index go a long way toward measuring good urbanism, there isn’t a single source that awards the title of Livable New Place.

Special districts: Getting all mixed up

Less compatible large format uses, such as airports and medical campuses, are starting to be included in the urban mix of some cities. 

Award-winning codes in Livermore, California, and Lee County, Florida

This year’s winners of the Driehaus Form-Based Codes Awards are the Development Code Rewrite of Livermore, California and the Compact Communities Code of Lee County, Florida.

Awards for advocates of Miami's hard-won code

Former Miami planning director Ana Gelabert-Sanchez and former mayor Manny Diaz win the Groves Award for their work on Miami's controversial Transect-based zoning code.

Charter Awards this year reflect a difficult economy

Most of the 2011 Charter Awards from the Congress for the New Urbanism recognize projects that manage to deal with austere times.  

Neighborhood plan

Neighborhood plan

Thwarting our own Gin Alley debacle with less government control and
more neighborhood design control. Source: Howard Blackson

Award in honor of Ken Groves

The Transect Codes Council has established a new award in honor of the late Ken Groves, who did path-breaking work on codes in Montgomery, Alabama, during his tenure as the city's planning director. The Groves Award will be given to a public official in recognition of superior effort "in furthering the principles of transect-based policy and planning, providing exemplary leadership and vision."

Dealing with rural sprawl in an upstate New York community

A team of urban design graduate students from Notre Dame created a plan for Skaneateles, New York, the classic lakefront town in the Finger Lakes.

Image 1: Skaneateles Transect

Image 1: Skaneateles Transect

Plan by Notre Dame graduate Urban Design Studio.

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