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The new science of traffic engineering

If transportation officials embrace a new approach backed by science, safe and effective mobility no longer need conflict with the multidimensional role of streets as public spaces and with people’s varied modes of travel.

Bringing a bit of Portland to Central Florida

The region’s first “cycle track” heralds a shift in mindset in a state with the highest bicycle death rate and a region among the most dangerous for pedestrians.

Portland moves to bolster its bike network

Portland is at a tipping point. Bicycling is key to sustainability; along with walking it is the most energy efficient and healthy form of transportation. 

Bye, bye 'collector,' hello 'avenue'

LA's new Mobility Plan 2035 replaces auto-centric thoroughfare designations with new urban terms.

A new village for compact regional growth

Form Ithaca examined how spread-out growth in the Town of Ithaca can be reorganized into a village with a complete street connecting to downtown.

Narrow streets help in bicycle commuting

Philadelphia has Little Asphalt--and that creates a network that allows for appealing pedestrian and bicycle travel.

Midtown's TSW Honored by Georgia Commute Options

TSW, an Atlanta-based planning, architecture and landscape architecture firm has been honored by Georgia Commute Options for the company’s commitment to clean commuting (carpooling, walking, cycling, taking public transportation, telecommuting, etc.). TSW won in the Best Overall Program category, and Alex Fite-Wassilak, TSW community planner, was recognized in the Road Warrior category for his commitment to commuting to and from work via bicycle.

Biking is empowerment

A fair number of whites commute by bike in Memphis, but a much larger percentage of African Americans do so.

23 million bikeshare rides and no deaths

A Reuters article reported this astonishing statistic: 23 million rides have been taken in US bikeshare systems since 2007 with no reported fatalities.

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