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Biking is empowerment

A fair number of whites commute by bike in Memphis, but a much larger percentage of African Americans do so.

23 million bikeshare rides and no deaths

A Reuters article reported this astonishing statistic: 23 million rides have been taken in US bikeshare systems since 2007 with no reported fatalities.

Ped-bike advocates and urbanists: Get together

A new benchmarking report on biking and walking reveals a big hole in this growing movement — many ped-bike advocates rarely talk to urbanists and vice-versa.

My place on Earth

From the planet to the neighborhood, from city life to nature, the world of Kaid Benfield is presented in a series of photographs.

Top 10 reasons for a new American Dream

For three generations, the American Dream was largely defined by continual suburban expansion. A new urban dream has emerged, and it is here to stay.

Avoiding mistakes in bike-ped infrastructure

Today I’m going to provide some tips – some do’s and don’ts – for public officials to help them navigate the difficult transition from drive-only to bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

The coolest urban trail you are likely to see

Indianapolis's remarkable Cultural Trail is more than a pedestrian and bike trail. It demonstrates green infrastructure while guiding users through the city’s most important neighborhoods and assets.

The place for bike lanes

Initial attempts at making city streets more encouraging to cyclists have often been marred by poor design.

Why community design is important to public health

Claims related to community design and health should be modest. Yet with health care consuming more than 17 percent of the US economy, even a modest improvement can make a significant impact.

The black and white of green lanes

What cities are learning about installing bicycle lanes in minority neighborhoods

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