Pedestrians and their environments

Mica faces backlash — constituents demand pedestrian and bike funding

Local governments in Florida oppose the influential Congressman on eliminating federal support for programs like Safe Routes to Schools.

Stay in that blocked bike lane or get ticketed

In New York, a bicyclists can get ticketed for riding outside a bike lane even when the bike lane is full of dangerous obstacles.

Where walking is a lethal activity

For a pedestrian, there's no place deadlier than Florida, a new report from Transportation for America finds.

Seniors are piling onto public transportation

Use of public transit is growing in the US — especially among people 65 and older. Is your community prepared for the generational shift?

Pedestrian deaths across the US mapped

Transportation for America released on May 24 an updated and comprehensive report on pedestrian deaths.

Transit is out of sync with where the jobs are

The typical resident of an American metro area can reach only 30 percent of the region’s jobs by public transportation, a new study finds.

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