Pedestrians and their environments

Mica threatens funds for bike and pedestrian projects

The House transportation chairman wants the federal government to stop mandating spending on bike lanes, sidewalks, and other supposedly peripheral matters.

Federal 'Complete Streets' legislation introduced

Legislation that would require communities to adopt "Complete Streets" policies has been proposed by US Representatives Doris Matsui and Steven LaTourette.

'Complete streets' speeds past a milestone

More than 200 states, municipalities, and other entities have adopted "Complete Streets" policies, and the number is roughly doubling every year.

30 mph traffic is too fast for children to judge accurately, study finds

Elementary school children would be much safer if vehicles in residential areas were limited to 20 mph, researchers in Britain suggest.

When will transportation departments start making roads safe for all?

Traffic deaths have fallen dramatically, but safety advocates still pay too little attention to the potential of better street design.

New York cyclist deaths suddenly jump

Despite miles of newly installed bicycle lanes, New York City suffered a 50 percent jump in cyclist deaths in 2010.

Long Island gets fourth Complete Streets policy

By the end of 2010, more than 200 communities across the US had adopted Complete Streets policies, according to the National Complete Streets Coalition.

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