Pedestrians and their environments

Where have all the mailboxes gone?

A neighborhood fixture has been a long time passing.

Eastlake Elementary in Daybreak

Eastlake Elementary in Daybreak

A school that is imbedded in the neighborhood and walkable to most students. Photo by Michael Hathorne

How design can influence walking to school

A mother is cited for allowing her child to walk to school; meanwhile, a study proves that walkable design influences behavior due to perceptions of safety.

Location efficiency lowers mortgage defaults, researchers find

Mortgages are more likely to default as household car ownership rises and as Walk Score declines.

US shared space: Starting small

From a 100-foot-long section of Linden Street in San Francisco to the diminutive Palmer Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Americans are dipping their toes in the shared-space street movement timidly.

Winthrop Street in Cambridge

Winthrop Street in Cambridge

Photo courtesy of Cara Seiderman, City of Cambridge

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