Pedestrians and their environments

The coolest urban trail you are likely to see

Indianapolis's remarkable Cultural Trail is more than a pedestrian and bike trail. It demonstrates green infrastructure while guiding users through the city’s most important neighborhoods and assets.

Federal bill for 'complete streets' introduced

Smart Growth America reports on a new Senate bill, the Safe Streets Act of 2013:

The art of traffic calming

There are so many factors that go in to making a city walkable. The factor that I find to be the most important, in pretty much all cases, is how safe the walkways are in terms of traffic.

Dan Burden, articulate on how to create walkable communities

In an excellent video, Dan Burden explains what we need to do, with an emphasis on establishing models.

Why community design is important to public health

Claims related to community design and health should be modest. Yet with health care consuming more than 17 percent of the US economy, even a modest improvement can make a significant impact.

Wonder drug: Walking

Walking is turning into a health movement, with profound implications for the built environment. Urbanists need to pay attention, because a coalition is forming.

Tennessee dad arrested for attempting to pick up kids after school on foot

In a tragedy of personality and wrong decisions, a man was arrested for picking up his child on foot at an elementary school.

We need more driving-optional neighborhoods

Maybe it’s my 1960s North Carolina upbringing, but I like nice cars and have always managed to have one. What I would not like, though, is being dependent on a car for every single thing I need.

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