Pedestrians and their environments

Doctors prescribe walking for health

A compelling reason to keep your New Year’s resolution to be more active. 

The new science of traffic engineering

If transportation officials embrace a new approach backed by science, safe and effective mobility no longer need conflict with the multidimensional role of streets as public spaces and with people’s varied modes of travel.

Waste in the name of walkability

When a $7.2 million project designed to improve quality of life through walkability fails to meet any walkability goals, there's a problem.

Freeway Free: A vision for the city

Freeway-Free San Francisco, a new report by CNU, lays out a plan for better living and transportation while making room for affordable housing.

Bringing a bit of Portland to Central Florida

The region’s first “cycle track” heralds a shift in mindset in a state with the highest bicycle death rate and a region among the most dangerous for pedestrians.

Complete Streets should be No Big Deal

Until truly Complete Streets become a normal part of transportation engineering, this profession will remain primary preventers of creating places people love.

Sidewalk cafes: Silver bullets of walkable places

When someone walks along a street, they’re gone in a moment. But when they sit down to a meal, they might be there for an hour or more. Because of this, the sidewalk cafe is the most powerful tool to enhance people’s desire to walk in a place.

Walkability is about the experience

The Surgeon General points out that design and land use are critical components to increasing walkability, but leaves it up to all of us to define what walkability means at home.

Walk Appeal and public health

Do you want food that is merely edible? How about a cup of coffee that is just drinkable? What we need isn’t places that are solely walkable, but rather places with Walk Appeal.

Surgeon General’s prescription for health: Walk more

Murthy announced a national campaign to encourage Americans to walk more and make all communities safer and easier for walking. His office will partner with schools, citizens groups and businesses to meet these goals.

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