Dealing with energy

Six ways that thoughtful community planning can help fight climate change

The good news is that growth in both sprawl and traffic has slowed considerably as people rediscover the benefits of living in cities and walkable suburban neighborhoods.

The very embodiment of sustainability, in a small city

Green Mountain Power has put together an impressive combination of sustainability factors in two rehabbed, side-by-side buildings in Rutland, Vermont.

As good and important as it is, LEED can be so embarrassing

Is The New American Home worthy of being certified LEED-platinum, the greenest of the green?  Consider its outlandish size and challenging climate setting.

Comparing new urban and conventional development in Tucson

Civano is a test case for New Urbanism versus sprawl. The former generates more value according to economic, environmental, and social indicators.

“The Joel Salatin of homebuilding”: revisiting Clay Chapman’s multi-century, $80/sq. ft. house

By offering workable alternative methods and not just criticism, Salatin has inspired us to question our relationship with food, one of our most basic human needs. But what about the other: shelter?

Places that pay: Benefits of placemaking

Many reports quantify the value of the sorts of livable, walkable places that a form-based code generates. Here is a selection of studies that help make the case for walkability.

Outdoor room secrets

There may be nothing you can do inside your house to reduce utility bills as effectively as building great outdoor rooms outside your house. Here are the keys to success.

Hey, Dad, you can keep the car keys

Driving by younger Americans has fallen 23 percent since 2001, a US PIRG report says.

ULI carries takes on foundation mission

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