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Making multifamily truly urban

The multifamily industry is building more in walkable locations, but developers still need instruction on the manners of placemaking. Here are some hints.

People Habitat: 25 Ways to Think About Greener, Healthier Cities

A book by By F. Kaid Benfield, Island Press, 2014, 304 pp., $25 paperback or e-book

Anti-LEED: A green rating system that is fast, friendly and free

The LEED rating systems were a great idea in the beginning, but they have become a symbol of all that is wrong with green building today.

The plan that made a drab suburb cool

This video from urbanists Dover, Kohl & Partners offers instructions on the transformation of an inner suburb that was languishing. 

How Mesquite, New Mexico, survived 'urban renewal'

Crossing Campo Street from downtown Las Cruces into the Mesquite Historic District is like crossing between two urban worlds that are often misunderstood.

Assembling a cause to save a building from demolition

The top-down part of saving a building is the hard work, but building a bottom-up cause that creates a market for that building can actually be a lot of fun. Part two of a two-part series.

Ground rules to save a building from demolition

So many great and well-loved buildings are lost in our cities and towns each day… is there anything citizens can do to help preserve them? Part one of a two part series.

At 20, Poundbury is winning converts

Since it’s launch in 1993, Prince Charles’s Poundbury development in Dorcester, England, has set the standard as a high-quality, successful new town designed according to New Urbanism.

Architecture, public responsibility, and the art of listening

To what degree should we blame architects for bad placemaking?

Understanding the quirks of incremental urbanism

In the last seven decades, we've gotten used to the tidiness of master-planned development. In comparison, lot-by-lot development can look messy.

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