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Traditional vs. Modern: More than just a pretty face

New Urbanism, by definition, is style neutral. Its focus is getting the form — the urbanism — right but then letting the architecture be what it may.

It's All In The Details: The Front Porch

The most recent issue of the NAHB's Best in American Living e-magazine features an article entitled “It’s All in the Details: The Front Porch,” written by Carson Looney. The article includes tips on how to design a great porch and highlights multiple LRK projects. 

Repurposing aids renewal

Witnessing the robust redevelopment underway throughout Atlanta’s Westside, it would seem business owners and residents have taken to heart author Horace Greeley’s famous quote, “Go west, young man.”

Yesterday a danger zone—today, pure San Francisco

By any measure, San Francisco ranks among the world’s most beautiful cities. Yet for years, in a sector that tourists never see, 50 barracks-style buildings constructed in 1943 housed 264 families in poverty and fear.

Designers chosen to improve sense of place in NW Arkansas

Seeking to raise the quality of design for public buildings and spaces in Northwest Arkansas, the Walton Family Foundation is paying architecture fees of a select group of designers. 

Make it wrong, get it right

On the 10-year anniversary of New Orleans's disaster, Brad Pitt's Make it Right project takes a pounding from critics. But there's a better way.

What we need to learn from Katrina

Cities are immensely complex self-organizing systems, not mere top-down designs—but they do need top-down interventions in strategic places. Unfortunately, we still have inadequate models and tools.

Giving New Urbanists a fair shake

Justin Shubow, president of the National Civic Art Society, criticizes the Dallas Morning News architecture critic Mark Lamster for comparing new urbanists to the Tea Party. 

Lovability gains momentum

 A prominent architect whose work I love and respect told me recently that the term “lovable” has “a... problem with pragmatists” that can’t be resolved. 
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