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The thorny matter of gentrification

Surely we haven’t reached the point where making inner-city neighborhoods more attractive to more residents is a bad thing. And does anyone really have a right in the US to keep newcomers out?

Housing shortage or urbanism shortage?

For a number of very good reasons, there aren't enough walkable urban places to meet demand. Part 3 of a series on housing affordability.

Walkable places are economical, too

We know city living is in demand, but the fact that cities still reduce cost of living relative to drive-only suburbs needs to be more widely recognized.

Fighting gentrification (with luxury condos)

Word on the street is that high-income people are destroying bohemian neighborhoods. Part 2 of a series on housing affordability.

HUD and DOT launch housing and transportation cost calculator

An impressive new web-based calculator of housing and transportation costs puts another nail in the coffin of the "drive-'til-you-qualify" mentality of house shopping.

Populist urbanism: Beyond the creative class

A couple of recent stories on Better! Cities & Towns point to an ongoing problem: New Urbanism, smart growth, and related trends need to work on their appeal to working class and minority groups.

Who wants the towers back?

Certainly, HOPE VI resulted in substantial displacement. The evidence is strong that conditions have improved in the rebuilt public housing projects and surrounding neighborhoods for the long-term.

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