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Thinking bigger about tiny houses

The similarities between the Alchemy efforts and those of Tolar, Steve Mouzon and others who’ve explored systems-built construction systems are obvious.

Fix housing supply by dropping zoning? It's not so simple

Planning wonks might have felt all warm inside when they noticed zoning topics wedging their way into broader conversations about community affordability and equity. Bring it on. Finally.

Reclaiming the median for development

Granary Row, a seasonal pop-up festival that has operated for two years, uses old shipping containers to create retail stores and a open-air stage, and a beer garden has been fenced off—all in the middle of the road, along a block-length section an old industrial area. 

Yesterday a danger zone—today, pure San Francisco

By any measure, San Francisco ranks among the world’s most beautiful cities. Yet for years, in a sector that tourists never see, 50 barracks-style buildings constructed in 1943 housed 264 families in poverty and fear.

Three good reasons to invest in Missing Middle housing

The demand for walkable living is growing, but the demand can't be met with single-family houses and high-rises only. Missing Middle provides density at a neighborhood scale. 

The enduring, versatile Katrina Cottage

Ten years ago this week, designers unveiled the Katrina Cottage—which has helped to spur the “tiny house movement” and continues to influence affordable housing.

The problems of success in the new urban era

Cities face challenges associated with rising values, an influx of more educated residents, and gentrification. Here's what cities can do.

Form-based codes: What's the deal?

The community gets walkable neighborhoods with affordable housing—developers get a streamlined approval process.

Missing Middle Housing Takes Off in Michigan with First-Ever Design Competition

The first-ever 2015 Michigan Missing Middle Housing Design Competition challenges architects, designers, and urban planners nationwide to come up with innovative solutions for affordable housing options that offer a walkable lifestyle. The competition will be judged by an elite group of jurors, including  Daniel Parolek of Opticos Design.

Why small will go big in 2015

An urge to new thinking comes at the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, when the Katrina Cottages were used to address a combination of issues: sustainability, affordability, and right-sized living. 

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