Content about affordable living

A new era in affordable transportation

Place-based transportation is key to helping economically struggling families, and until recently this idea has been underappreciated.

Placemaking is critical for the local economy

Do you want your community to thrive in the future? If so, placemaking is a key to making that happen.

Why San Francisco, New York and DC may be more affordable than you thought

Highly enlightening new data demonstrate the immense importance of walkability and transit in shaping how affordable large US cities are for a range of household types.

A run-down alley is transformed with micro-shops

The conversion of an alley to utilitarian shopfronts is "dragging civilization westward a block" in downtown Ithaca, the developer says.

We need small houses

Investments in small, starter homes used to be the catalyst for neighborhood growth. Our historic neighborhoods are filled with examples of this.

Do we need affordable housing or affordable living?

Two primary strategies will help to achieve affordable living: Reduce household transportation costs and support smaller living spaces.

The thorny matter of gentrification

Surely we haven’t reached the point where making inner-city neighborhoods more attractive to more residents is a bad thing. And does anyone really have a right in the US to keep newcomers out?

Housing shortage or urbanism shortage?

For a number of very good reasons, there aren't enough walkable urban places to meet demand. Part 3 of a series on housing affordability.

Walkable places are economical, too

We know city living is in demand, but the fact that cities still reduce cost of living relative to drive-only suburbs needs to be more widely recognized.

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