Public space

Public realm: greens, plazas, fountains

The real problem with community associations

A review by Doris Goldstein of Beyond Privatopia: Rethinking Residential Private Government. A book by Evan McKenzie. Urban Institute Press, 2011, 164 pp., $26.50 paperback.

Just another park

Today, public parks are seen as an optional amenity. In our pre-suburban development pattern, parks were looked at much differently.

A misshapen memorial to President Eisenhower

The monument by Frank Gehry violates the L’Enfant plan and offers “an axis to nowhere.”

Why is New York's High Line so crime-free?

The city's newest linear park is safe because it's well-watched — by park patrols, security cameras, and a profusion of windows (redolent of Jane Jacobs) looking onto public space.

Close call

When design works against community in New Urbanism

Storrs Center ready to start construction

Approximately 27,000 square feet of commercial space and 127 apartments will be in the first phase of a long-awaited town center adjoining the University of Connecticut.

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