Public space

Public realm: greens, plazas, fountains

New York plans an out-of-place boulevard

What’s with the amoeba-shaped green spaces in the boulevard to be built on Manhattan’s Far West Side?

Odd spots in the urban grid? Turn them into plazas

New York City’s Department of Transportation has carved 54 plazas out of streets and other areas. More are on the way.

Artist housing contributes to New England Village

All 17 houses in the new Artists Village in East Haddam, Connecticut, will be completed by the end of this year.

Deeply lived-in plazas

Edited by Chris Wilson and Stefanos Polyzoides
Photographs by Miguel Gandert
Trinity University Press, 2011, 338 pp. $45 hardcover

What makes a good urban park

City parks have been endangered by suburban flight, privatization and design overkill. Here’s a short list of basics for planning true public spaces.

Injecting spontaneity into urban development

“Tactical urbanism” or “urban improvisation” taps the energy of community people — a needed alternative to the big-project mindset.

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