Public space

Public realm: greens, plazas, fountains

Build parks beneath freeways? Great! Just don’t inhale

 Conversion of land under elevated highways into public space may compromise public health.

The Plazas of New Mexico published

The long-awaited book from Stefanos Polyzoides and Chris Wilson is now available!

'Tactical Urbanists' converge on New York

Small-scale, incremental interventions in cities will be explored in the first Tactical Urbanism Salon, scheduled for this Saturday in Long Island City, Queens.

How Occupy Wall Street will decide privately owned public space law

The movement established camp in Zucotti Park, a privately owned public open space in New York, much to the chagrin of Brookfield Properties Inc.

When public spaces go private sector

Incentives resulted in hundreds of new spaces in NYC and San Francisco, but the quality and accessibility of these places raise questions about how public they are.

Toronto mayor backs down on waterfront plan

A public outcry against Mayor Rob Ford's proposed megamall and Ferris wheel on the Don lands leads to the proposal's withdrawal.

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