Public space

Public realm: greens, plazas, fountains

The manual for tactical placemaking

A new book covers an emerging trend: Citizens experience urban placemaking in real time, building support for more livable communities in the long run.

Urban Acupuncture: A concise, entertaining jumble of ideas

Review of Urban Acupuncture, a book by Jaime Lerner. Island Press, hardcover 160 pp., 2014, $19.99

A computerized method to judge streetscape quality

The importance of continuous, connected building facades that lined streets and defined their form has been noted for more than a century. Beautiful public spaces have a sense of enclosure; they feel like outdoor rooms. 

Philly walks on water

Some of the most dramatic juxtapositions with nature are possible in big cities, like The High Line in New York City and now the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk in Philadelphia. 

Berlin and its urban 'playborhoods'

Walking around Berlin, my 10-year old pointed out the exceptional numbers of downtown kids, and really enjoyed hanging out in some of the neighborhood parks.

Four types of placemaking

Placemaking is the process of creating quality places that people want to live, work, play, and learn in.

The attempt to bring 'place' to the Houston suburbs

Houston has some of the most impressive sprawl on the planet. The success of Sugar Land Town Square is inspiring other public spaces, the Houston Chronicle reports.

What we like - and don't like - about our cities

American city dwellers place a high value on restaurants and farmers’ markets, historic buildings and good public spaces. Traffic, not so much.

Meet the original 'High Line'

New York’s City’s hugely successful High Line wasn’t the first elevated urban railroad bed to be converted into a much-loved linear park. That honor goes to the Promenade Plantee in Paris.

Celebrating Public Art: Chicago in the summer

A recent trip to Chicago on the first weekend of summer reinforced the importance of great public art.

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