Public space

Public realm: greens, plazas, fountains

The coolest urban trail you are likely to see

Indianapolis's remarkable Cultural Trail is more than a pedestrian and bike trail. It demonstrates green infrastructure while guiding users through the city’s most important neighborhoods and assets.

How to build great streets

Some of the engineering solutions aimed at achieving “complete streets” fall short of their goal, say the authors of an authoritative new book. It would be better to focus on enclosure, architecture, overall width, and trees, they say.

Five ways to think about greener, healthier cities

I like to consider “people habitat” – the realm of places that humans build and inhabit – as having an ecology of its own, roughly analogous to that of natural wildlife habitat. 

Great public space 'never ceases to yield happiness,' book says

Happy City, Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, a book by Charles Montgomery, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2013, 359 pp., $27 hardcover.

Walkable is good, 'sit-able' is better

Complementing the "walkable" with a more purposeful focus on places where people feel comfortable sitting would lead to a more holistic and enhanced understanding of place.

Amazing collaboration transforms decay into a new heart for small town

The modest rural town of York, Alabama, is now home to one of the most inspiring new public spaces I have seen anywhere. 

Retooling downtown for the next century

Corporations, institutions, non-profits, foundations, and individuals joined the City in envisioning how a 21st Century Pittsburgh might operate and live.

Tactical approach leads to grand vision

Providence, Rhode Island, seeks to transform its major plaza — now compromised by buses and other vehicular traffic — into a gateway to the city. Getting to this point required a series of small steps.

How to design our neighborhoods for happiness

Common spaces bring us together.

Nurturing and strengthening the urban commons: some beginning principles

There is no better place to start than with our streets, our most plentiful and visible parts of the urban commons.

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