Sprawl retrofit

On making sprawl walkable

New downtown begins for Ohio suburb

Dublin, Ohio, recently broke ground on its Bridge Street District, an urban and walkable neighborhood that will complement its historic village center.

Build a Better Burb becomes part of CNU

With its expertise on suburbs and their physical layouts, CNU is a perfect organization to carry Build a Better Burb forward.

A game changer for the suburbs

Walmart's need to urbanize its home town is the shot that will be heard in suburbs across this land.

Sprawl repair is essential, unavoidable

As appealing as it may sound to some, we can't retreat to historic cities and towns and "let sprawl be sprawl."

Four types of sprawl

Of the four kinds of sprawl, one is worth trying to fix. 

Do you really believe that?

Sprawl retrofit is the fast-food of New Urbanism. It's time to opt-out of the prevailing system, and move on to make the really great alternate system.

What (and who) is Big Asphalt, and how does it harm America?

The sheer amount of pavement we lay down is compromising health, safety, and welfare. It is a barrier to livability, complete streets, sprawl repair, and meeting the demand for walkable places.

The four phases of New Urbanism

The New Urbanism is emerging slowly, in phases. We are only partway through a change that will take generations. We are now immmersed in the revitalization of cities. More phases will come.

‘Good bones’ are the key to good urbanism

Now we have two systems—one with good bones, completed about 100 years ago. The other, without good bones, comprises most of our metro areas.

Form-based code adopted to redevelop business campus

The Hartford, a Fortune 500 insurance and investment firm based in Hartford, Connecticut, is using form-based coding to spur redevelopment of its 173-acre former business campus.

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