Dealing with the current economy

Multifamily market rebounds

Emerging generational forces are contributing to strong rental markets — and the outlook for apartment housing is good for years to come, according to a report.

Saudi cities of the future hark back to Brasilia and the Soviets

Four massive urban centers being developed in Saudi Arabia may end up pleasing no one.

Placemaking as an antidote for shrinking city budgets

Visionary cities are looking for ways to decrease infrastructure spending and jumpstart economic development via a myriad of placemaking approaches.

Swallowing hard, New Haven agrees to remove an expressway

Despite budget concerns, aldermen accept a $16 million TIGER II grant — and consider how to raise the rest of the needed money.

Passion for community related to economic growth

A three-year Gallup study of 26 US cities has found that peoples’ love and passion for their community may be a leading indicator for local economic growth.

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