Dealing with the current economy

‘Growing Wealthier’ with smart growth

A Center for Clean Air Policy report makes a strong case that smart growth is beneficial to the economy as well as the environment and public health.

On beyond infill

The planning profession largely pays obligatory homage to the notion of infill in plans and reports, but in practice, the concept is largely discarded.

Goodbye blight, hello transit-oriented development

A 150-unit smart-growth project, planned by the company formerly known as Trammell Crow Residential, will replace a sleazy hotel on Long Island.

Value of US commercial property

Value of US commercial property

Source: Redfields to Greenfields

Chesapeake Bay plan faces growing resistance

Opposition from the American Farm Bureau is one of many obstacles to a pollution cleanup effort that has stirred doubt among new urbanists.

‘Shrinking’ the city cannot be the whole solution

Youngstown, Ohio, needed to think smaller, but the strategy has helped only to a limited extent.

If it creates jobs, then it must be good, right?

To have a real recovery, we need a new pattern of development, one from which jobs and growth will ultimately flow.

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