Dealing with the current economy

Housing prices

Housing prices

In Seattle, Atlanta, and a 20-city average. Source: The New York Times.

Prices in some housing markets plummet

Seattle area home prices have dropped 31 percent since mid-2007. But in some regions, housing is stronger than The New York Times suggests.

Inner suburbs will run short of housing, ULI says

Demand for housing in accessible close-in suburbs will outstrip supply in the next few years, predicts Patrick L. Phillips.

Major change is inevitable

Humans are optimistic by nature — but unfounded optimism can prove disastrous when it keeps us from doing the difficult things that need to be done.

The revolution will not be organized (But the food and drink will be pretty good)

A meeting to present this year's Seaside Prize brought together many of New Urbanism's leading lights to discuss the future of city and town building.

With stimulus, transit dollars put more to work

Each dollar used on transit was 75 percent more effective at putting people to work than a dollar used for highway work.

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