Dealing with the current economy

With stimulus, transit dollars put more to work

Each dollar used on transit was 75 percent more effective at putting people to work than a dollar used for highway work.

Why resilience, not growth

It's the tortoise, not the hare, that wins the race.

Suburban Long Island loses its young

Young high-tech workers are shunning the land of single-family houses surrounded by patches of lawn.

Should revitalization campaigns ignore broken windows?

A new proposal for helping distressed neighborhoods tosses aside — unwisely — one of the best city-mending methods of our time.

Starter strategies for a Strong Town

Here are ten things all local governments should be doing right now to start the transition into a new economic reality.

When coworking comes to town

With many scratching to make a living in a badly damaged economy, coworking is springing up to meet the needs of independent workers.

LaHood defends high-speed rail from critics

The Obama rail plan "will revitalize America's manufacturing sector, spur economic development, and create green, high-wage jobs," the federal transportation secretary argues.

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