Dealing with the current economy

For coworking, a bigger space isn't necessarily better

A majority of people who use "coworking" spaces prefer one with fewer than 20 individuals; that could be good for storefronts and other not-so-big buildings.

Japan, black swans, and debt

The natural order of things tends to treat systems that are both complex and efficient very cruelly.

LEED-ND, focus of an exhibit, is gaining use among governments

“Neighborhoods Go Green!” prepares to open in Washington, and LEED-ND makes its first appearance in a city comprehensive plan.

Wal-Mart. Too big to fail.

Wal-Mart's business model, like everything else American, relies on ever-increasing rates of growth.

Maryland finding: Close-in housing has held value better

In the real estate downturn since 2007, houses outside state's Priority Funding Areas declined in value faster than those inside the boundaries.

Good news: The end Is near. Really.

Passionate folks from the private, non-profit, and government sectors gathered at the New Partners for Smart Growth conference to work their way clear of the debris of denial.

The problem with Egypt? Its cities.

Egypt is the only large country to have become less urban in the past 30 years. That fact sheds light on the stagnation of the Mubarak era.

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