Dealing with the current economy

New book on The Economics of Place

The Michigan Municipal League (MML) has published a follow-up book to its 2011 The Economics of Place. The new book is focused on implementation.

Placemaking is critical for the local economy

Do you want your community to thrive in the future? If so, placemaking is a key to making that happen.

‘Sense of place’ is key to regional talent strategy

Led by the Walton Family Foundation, Northwest Arkansas officials look to walkable urban solutions for future economic growth.

Roundabouts: A tool for placemaking

Designed properly, roundabouts enhance placemaking and the pedestrian experience.

Enough about the Millennials already!

Be careful about lazy research.

Defending urban freeways at all costs ignores the potential of cities

When freeways are dismantled, economic and social benefits often follow. A mid-20th Century mechanistic view fails to understand such outcomes.

Texas: The new smart growth state

Arthur C. Nelson explains why pro-sprawl pundit Wendell Cox has it backwards when he claimed in the The Wall Street Journal that smart growth policies caused the housing crash.

The business case for compact cities and towns

Innovation and access to good employees -- two reasons why businesses are choosing to locate in walkable downtowns and towns centers.

The city that wouldn't die

More than 10,000 jobs have been added to downtown Detroit in the last few years, and that number is expected to top 15,000 by 2015.

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