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Lean is the new green

TheLean Initiative doesn’t advocate for a complete free-for-all, but rather lightening the load so that more of us can get meaningful stuff done. 

Top 10 reasons for a new American Dream

For three generations, the American Dream was largely defined by continual suburban expansion. A new urban dream has emerged, and it is here to stay.

Multifamily: from 'train wreck' to urban

In a comprehensive piece called "What's New in New Urbanism," Multi-Housing News reports that new urban ideas have "swept the industry over the past 20 years."

Why patient and sustainable neighborhood building is so hard today

The public and private sectors each need to learn some lessons from the ways most great old places developed because those ways are far more sustainable and require a lot less debt.

Italianate designs featured on from Building Design Associates, Inc.,

Preliminary sketches/concepts through full construction drawing and also licensing of existing designs are displayed on the website. Residential design specializing in classical style exteriors with floor plans are designed for modern living. The focus is on homes for New Urbanism, traditional neighborhood developments, infill/narrow lots, and also custom design services for individual residences. 

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This little house

A jaw-dropping example of how building construction culture has degraded, written from the perspective of a non-architect.

Is sprawl returning? Sure, to a degree

Developers operating on greenfield sites, at scale, mostly build drive-only sprawl. That won't change until more suburban towns reform their planning and zoning policies.

Building a multi-century house

A video make clear the difference in construction between the affordable, structural masonry house built by Clay Chapman and a conventional stick-built house.

Reconsidering Seaside, Florida

I’m hardly the only one whose career was strongly influenced by the now-iconic planned town of Seaside, on Florida’s Panhandle coast. A video explains why.

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