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Three good reasons to invest in Missing Middle housing

The demand for walkable living is growing, but the demand can't be met with single-family houses and high-rises only. Missing Middle provides density at a neighborhood scale. 

The enduring, versatile Katrina Cottage

Ten years ago this week, designers unveiled the Katrina Cottage—which has helped to spur the “tiny house movement” and continues to influence affordable housing.

The problems of success in the new urban era

Cities face challenges associated with rising values, an influx of more educated residents, and gentrification. Here's what cities can do.

New Apartment Tower Near Highland Park Will Open in 2017

A collaboration between LRK’s Memphis, Baton Rouge, and Little Rock offices, The McKenzie is a 22-story luxury apartment building currently under construction near Dallas’ Highland Park neighborhood. Designed for empty nesters desiring a rental community with upscale amenities, The McKenzie will feature valet, concierge service, 24-hour doorman, resident bar, private gardens, outdoor dining, supper club area, and fitness area.

What was gained from the Katrina Cottage?

Katrina Cottages, once the shining star of the new urbanists’ work on the Gulf Coast after the hurricane, live on today in unexpected ways.

Progress depends on more 'infrastructure of community'

Healthy places need two physical characteristics: The architecture of community and the infrastructure of community. Here's why the infrastructure is so important.

Ideas, new and old, converging for housing opportunity

When we look back on this period, we might discover that the effort to ramp up realistic approaches to the challenges of community affordability reached some sort of tipping point in the spring and summer of 2015.

Small urban developers movement picks up steam

A group is empowering small-scale builders and developers working to create walkable urban places.

Building a single-stair walk up

John Anderson offers tips on how to get the most of a single-stair walk-up building while complying to building and accessibility codes. 

How does the missing middle housing fit within communities?

Since my first article on Missing Middle Housing was published in 2012 in what was then New Urban News, the concept has rapidly gained interest from the private and public sectors across the country.

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