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New data shows city growth outpaces suburbs

Great news for the environment: This relatively new trend reverses nearly a century of city dwellers fleeing to suburbs and sprawl eating up the countryside.

My son, the Wikipedia entry

If you want to be profiled in Wikipedia, it is better to be born in an urban place. The classic modern measure of achievement — rating a Wikipedia entry — depends a lot on geography.

Realtors discover that walkable places are preferred

A survey sponsored by Realtors illustrates that home buying is more like a prix fixe menu than ordering a la carte.

Enough about the Millennials already!

Be careful about lazy research.

Here come the millennials

Cue up Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions. Last week’s release by the Pew Research Center of its “Millennials in Adulthood” analysis suggests there’s a train a-coming.

Seattle growth outpaces suburbs

More people moving to urban places means more open space preserved and less congestion in the far suburbs. Yet some find it hard to swallow.

Ten things planners need to know about the future real estate market

Arthur Nelson predicted the 2007 housing market collapse. When he talks, I listen.

Health and smart growth: Safety tops obesity

There are two primary fronts in the healthy communities movement — safety and obesity. A stronger emphasis on safety is more likely to succeed with citizens and public officials.

Controlling for poverty, urban places are thinner

Some commentators have trotted out the old argument that plenty of city-dwellers, especially in poor areas, are fat, so sprawl doesn't matter to obesity. The data suggests otherwise.

Is too much outdoor lighting harmful and pointless?

Mother Jones points out that outdoor night lighting has increased tremendously in recent decades, but hasn't made us safer.

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