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Better! Cities & Towns
LRK recently helped facilitate a public input process and developed a vision plan for Downtown Hightstown. The aim of the plan is to create an active waterfront promenade that is unique to the region with retail, restaurants, and plenty of open space for entertainment and public activities. “We used a vision survey, which allowed people to select images they felt were most appropriate for Hightstown’s waterfront,” said Mr. Constantine, a principal at Looney Ricks Kiss. “People were also asked to suggest ideas for uses, features and activities they would most like to see and we collected dozens of terrific suggestions.”
Mon, Nov 2nd 2015 4:42pm
Better! Cities & Towns
To kick off the Seaside Institute’s aging in place program, Chris Crowley will speak about the fundamental science that is the basis for the Revolution in Aging at a lecture on Saturday, November 21 at 3:00 p.m. in Seaside’s Assembly Hall. He will go on to discuss the basic things that people need to do to join the Revolution.  He will also talk about the social side of the Next Third (of your life) and give advice about putting in place programs and activities that can make retirement (or moving into a new kind of “work”) fun and interesting, instead of the weird combination of terrifying and dull we all worry about. There’s some useful talk about your “limbic” or emotional  brain  (you have one and it has remarkable and surprising control over your life and health). And then some talk about the importance of “connection and commitment” in the Next Third, including your approach to diet and health.
Mon, Nov 2nd 2015 4:28pm
Jay Walljasper, Better! Cities & Towns
A movement is arising for health and happiness for low-income families, people of color and immigrants.
Thu, Oct 29th 2015 10:36am
Scott Doyon, Better! Cities & Towns
For one afternoon, porches throughout the community become makeshift stages, yards become venues, and people from within and beyond wander the streets, chatting, taking in music, and basically reacquainting themselves with what it means to be neighbors.
Tue, Oct 27th 2015 9:07am
John Anderson, Better! Cities & Towns
Who is going to build the finer-grained Missing Middle housing, the small workspaces, the two and three story mixed use buildings that municipalities and neighborhoods are looking for?
Mon, Oct 26th 2015 12:03pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
By any measure, San Francisco ranks among the world’s most beautiful cities. Yet for years, in a sector that tourists never see, 50 barracks-style buildings constructed in 1943 housed 264 families in poverty and fear.
Thu, Oct 22nd 2015 9:39am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Until truly Complete Streets become a normal part of transportation engineering, this profession will remain primary preventers of creating places people love.
Wed, Oct 21st 2015 11:40am
Better! Cities & Towns
Your involvement in the creation of Plan Downtown Oakland is needed!  Attend this design workshop to share your ideas about the future of Downtown.  Join the Hands-on Design Workshop & Charrette Kick-off on Mon. Oct. 19! The City of Oakland is preparing both a Specific Plan for the Downtown Oakland area and an Environmental Impact Report.  The objective of the Specific Plan is to provide sound policy guidance on Downtown development linking land use, transportation, economic development, public spaces, cultural arts, and social equity. The Specific Plan is the city’s effort to comprehensively assess our downtown to ensure continued growth and revitalization. 
Fri, Oct 16th 2015 3:59pm
Better! Cities & Towns
When it comes to Millennials and retail, two opposing story lines compete, experts say. In the first, these younger shoppers star as the industry's most important drivers of growth - the saviors of the mall. In the second, skeptics question how Millennials can be so important when it is their parents who have the real money. What appeals to Millennials, in other words increasingly feels relevant to older generations as well. While some media reports have portrayed Steiner's Liberty Center - a $350 million, mixed-use project slated to open this fall in Cincinnati's northern suburbs - as being designed with Millennials in mind, its appeal will in fact be multigenerational, Steiner says.
Fri, Oct 16th 2015 3:40pm
Karen Parolek, Better! Cities & Towns
The demand for walkable living is growing, but the demand can't be met with single-family houses and high-rises only. Missing Middle provides density at a neighborhood scale. 
Fri, Oct 16th 2015 10:21am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Ten years ago this week, designers unveiled the Katrina Cottage—which has helped to spur the “tiny house movement” and continues to influence affordable housing.
Wed, Oct 14th 2015 11:12am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
The Federal Highway Administration wants to drop 11 of 13 mandatory standards for thoroughfares under 50 mph, which is another domino falling in favor of complete streets, engineers say.
Tue, Oct 13th 2015 10:36am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Through its nongovernmental Envision Utah process, the Beehive State has cut pollution, water use, vehicle miles traveled per capita, and land consumption since the turn of the millennium. 
Fri, Oct 9th 2015 6:42am
Steve Mouzon, Better! Cities & Towns
There's nothing that jump-starts a place people will love to walk like liner buildings. It doesn't matter whether you're helping a place recover from sprawl or building a new neighborhood center.
Thu, Oct 8th 2015 7:14am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Seeking to raise the quality of design for public buildings and spaces in Northwest Arkansas, the Walton Family Foundation is paying architecture fees of a select group of designers. 
Wed, Oct 7th 2015 4:11pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
A fascinating Internet discussion makes the case for solving congestion problems using economic, rather than engineering, strategies. But urban design should also be considered.
Wed, Oct 7th 2015 10:14am
Better! Cities & Towns
With its expertise on suburbs and their physical layouts, CNU is a perfect organization to carry Build a Better Burb forward.
Tue, Oct 6th 2015 12:07pm
Hazel Borys, Better! Cities & Towns
In most of the US and Canada, walkability is categorically zoned out. Most of our historic neighbourhoods are “legal, non-conforming” making new neighbourhoods out of character with historic stock, as well as out of line with market demands for walkable places.
Tue, Oct 6th 2015 10:54am
Better! Cities & Towns
A study of 21,000 single-family house sales in Austin, Texas, found the highest value premiums for walkability in the most walkable neighborhoods. 
Thu, Oct 1st 2015 11:13am
Better! Cities & Towns
Summers Corner, a new village being developed by WestRock, just north of Summerville, SC may provide a model for how new communities can become part of a continuum of regional settlement patterns that are deeply connected to the environment - both natural and cultural. This remarkable effort connects distinctive regional building traditions to today's context of rapidly changing digital economies and working methods. The stated goals include responsible management of natural environments, re-connecting individuals and families to a garden ethicand fostering daily social connectivity that enhances our quality of life. These goals are dramatically shaping the character of this emerging place. Saturday marked the official launch for the initial neighborhoods in Summers Corner. Everyone enjoyed a beautiful opening day with events on the Commons and visits to new houses in the Gardenwall neighborhood. The Corner House, a neighborhood bistro and meeting hall designed by UDA, hosted hundreds of people with an amazing range of unique, delicious goodies in the cafe as well as activities for families and kids.
Wed, Sep 30th 2015 4:18pm