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Review by Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Review of Urban Acupuncture, a book by Jaime Lerner. Island Press, hardcover 160 pp., 2014, $19.99
Wed, Nov 26th 2014 2:40pm
Scott Doyon, Better! Cities & Towns
The story of Greek philosopher Aristarchus, who first postulated the Sun as the center of the solar system, provides a cautionary tale of why good ideas need the power of persuasion.
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 10:58am
Better! Cities & Towns
As recently as 1988, Harbor Town was a scrubby sandbar in the Mississippi River. Today, it’s a thriving community of over 3,000 people, a haven for cyclists and pedestrians, and a test tube for city planners. What can Memphis learn from this neo-traditional neighborhood in the shadow of downtown?
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 1:22am
Laurence Aurbach, Better! Cities & Towns
The importance of continuous, connected building facades that lined streets and defined their form has been noted for more than a century. Beautiful public spaces have a sense of enclosure; they feel like outdoor rooms. 
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 9:25am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Some of the most dramatic juxtapositions with nature are possible in big cities, like The High Line in New York City and now the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk in Philadelphia. 
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 8:55am
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
We don't have to choose between a growing population and healthy economy, on the one hand, and a healthy and sustainable environment, on the other. We really can have it both ways.
Mon, Nov 17th 2014 12:02pm
Hazel Borys, Better! Cities & Towns
Walking around Berlin, my 10-year old pointed out the exceptional numbers of downtown kids, and really enjoyed hanging out in some of the neighborhood parks.
Mon, Nov 17th 2014 10:54am
Better! Cities & Towns
In 2015, the Charter Awards will affirm great design’s links to a better quality of life.
Mon, Nov 17th 2014 10:07am
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
Recently laid-off workers who live far from job centers take longer to find employment than do residents of neighborhoods more convenient to jobs by public transit or car.
Thu, Nov 13th 2014 11:55am
Hazel Borys, Better! Cities & Towns
For mixing light industrial with residential, the Hackeschen Hofe in Berlin provides an inspiring and successful example.
Mon, Nov 10th 2014 11:32am
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
As we add more urban development to our cities, we must remember that humans are biophilic creatures.  We need green along with the gray.
Thu, Nov 6th 2014 11:19am
Better! Cities & Towns
Urbanful, a publication of Smart Growth America, partly blames low voter turnout among Millennials for the defeat of light rail lines in Florida and Texas on Tuesday.
Wed, Nov 5th 2014 1:41pm
Charles Marohn, Better! Cities & Towns
A fair number of whites commute by bike in Memphis, but a much larger percentage of African Americans do so.
Wed, Nov 5th 2014 9:14am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
The Washington Post recently told the story of Drew Murphy—an educated young man living the walkable urban life like many in his generation, with a twist. He doesn't live in the city.
Tue, Nov 4th 2014 11:12am
John Massengale, Better! Cities & Towns
How Big Finance and global forces are driving the shiny Starchitecture in New York, Paris, and London that is indistinguishable from skyscrapers in Dubai, Mumbai, and Shanghai.
Fri, Oct 31st 2014 9:34am
Better! Cities & Towns
"Todd and Laurie's impact on the success of New Urbanism has been enormous,” said Frank Starkey, chairman of the board of the Seaside Institute.
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 10:46am
Better! Cities & Towns
Earlier this year, Opticos Design was awarded the CNU’s Charter Award Grand Prize for Best Planning Tool for the Cincinnati Form-Based Code. "As we discussed what to do with the prize money, we decided the best thing to do would be to give the money back to an organization making a difference in the City of Cincinnati," the firm explained on its blog.
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 12:23am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
With the help of a form-based code (FBC), Redwood City, California, has become the new Silicon Valley hot spot.
Mon, Oct 27th 2014 12:06pm
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
We know from exhaustive research that walkable neighborhoods reduce driving, associated emissions, and living costs.  Three academic studies demonstrate health benefits, too.
Mon, Oct 27th 2014 8:17am
Better! Cities & Towns
Urban Design Associates has led the re-shaping of the charrette model to not only project the reactivation of neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces, but to be part of the reactivation.
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 8:57pm