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Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Complete Streets correlate with broader economic gains like increased employment and higher property values, according to the most comprehensive study to date of this trend.
Fri, Mar 27th 2015 2:10pm
Jay Walljasper, Better! Cities & Towns
Arlington, Virginia, shows how feet on the street helps a community thrive.
Fri, Mar 27th 2015 1:29pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
You are surrounded by parking lots and pavement so vast you can see the curvature of the Earth.
Thu, Mar 26th 2015 7:39am
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
The fates of nature and cities are intricately related: Nature needs cities, and cities need nature.
Wed, Mar 25th 2015 11:32am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
The sheer amount of pavement we lay down is compromising health, safety, and welfare. It is a barrier to livability, complete streets, sprawl repair, and meeting the demand for walkable places.
Tue, Mar 24th 2015 7:41am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
So many great things will be happening at CNU 23 in Dallas from April 28 through May 2 that we cannot name them all. The following are highlights:
Mon, Mar 23rd 2015 9:44am
Michael Lewyn, Better! Cities & Towns
Three myths underly Inga Saffron's recent article objecting to higher-density housing in urban areas.
Sat, Mar 21st 2015 11:58am
Better! Cities & Towns
Sprawl costs the American economy more than $1 trillion annually, according to a new study by the New Climate Economy. That's more than $3,000 for every man, woman, and child.
Fri, Mar 20th 2015 8:19am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
“Big Asphalt” has changed the face of America and compromised our health, safety, and welfare—but we can defeat it if we try.
Thu, Mar 19th 2015 7:55am
Better! Cities & Towns
 The Crosstown redevelopment project reached a ceremonial milestone as it officially broke ground this past Saturday. After five years of planning and designing, the project team shares more of their vision of the revitalization of this iconic building to the Memphis community.The building, thought of as a "vertical urban village", will house arts, education, healthcare, retail, commercial, and residential spaces in 1.5 million square feet. The project is expected to be complete in 2017. Meanwhile, see more renderings of what's to come on the LRK Crosstown project page or the Crosstown Concourse design page.
Wed, Mar 18th 2015 7:15pm
Better! Cities & Towns
The Seaside Institute is offering a series of Arts & Architecture relatedclasses this spring. Architectural Photography with Steven Brooke, PleinAir painting with Kathie Odom and an intensive drawing class with BrianBomeisler. A limited number of affordable places to stay are available forregistrants in the Seaside Academic Village.
Wed, Mar 18th 2015 7:02pm
Ben Brown, Better! Cities & Towns
Denying low-income neighborhoods investment in the name of preserving them is a strategy no white, middle-class leader would advocate for places where they live.
Wed, Mar 18th 2015 10:31am
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
The US has more golf courses than the market can support. We could repurpose many of them to benefit communities.
Wed, Mar 18th 2015 10:26am
Review by Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
A new book covers an emerging trend: Citizens experience urban placemaking in real time, building support for more livable communities in the long run.
Mon, Mar 16th 2015 8:59am
Lynn Richards, CNU
I’m really excited that CNU 23 will put us in the heart of North Texas and I’m not alone. “Dallas is the city that best represents what’s happening with urbanism across the United States,” notes Jeff Tumlin.
Wed, Mar 11th 2015 3:35pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Metropolitan Boston is poised to be one of the most walkable metro areas in the US, according to a new study by the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at the George Washington University.
Wed, Mar 11th 2015 6:26am
Better! Cities & Towns
Bill Tunnell, a founding principal at TSW, was featured on the "Around Atlanta"edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio in February. Bill explains to host ToddSchnick what New Urbanism is and how the principles can be applied to redevelopsmall towns, including some of the communities surrounding the city of Atlanta.
Tue, Mar 10th 2015 8:53pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
The New Urbanism is emerging slowly, in phases. We are only partway through a change that will take generations. We are now immmersed in the revitalization of cities. More phases will come.
Tue, Mar 10th 2015 11:26am
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
A trend toward more compact, walkable, living and working, both in suburbs and in cities, is combined with a rebound effect from the recession that includes some new low-density development. The former trend is larger than the latter.
Mon, Mar 9th 2015 9:52am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
The future of communities is being written by land-use regulations. If we want to intentionally author our future, we had better get busy and consider the options.
Fri, Mar 6th 2015 9:17am