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A compelling reason to keep your New Year’s resolution to be more active. 
Jan 19 2016 10:58am Jay Walljasper
A movement is arising for health and happiness for low-income families, people of color and...
Oct 29 2015 10:36am Jay Walljasper
Murthy announced a national campaign to encourage Americans to walk more and make all...
Sep 9 2015 2:14pm Jay Walljasper
Arlington, Virginia, shows how feet on the street helps a community thrive.
Mar 27 2015 1:29pm Jay Walljasper
Many ideas and trends are afoot to make walking easier and more accessible—leading to greater...
Dec 3 2014 5:56pm Jay Walljasper
Here’s a few of practical steps to slow speeds, deter distracted driving and help make walking a...
Aug 20 2014 4:02pm Jay Walljasper
New York and other cities confront the critical problem of pedestrian fatalities.
Aug 19 2014 4:16pm Jay Walljasper
Steps we can take to get more people walking for health and happiness
Apr 26 2014 12:01pm Jay Walljasper
Walking is turning into a health movement, with profound implications for the built environment....
Dec 9 2013 9:00am Jay Walljasper
What cities are learning about installing bicycle lanes in minority neighborhoods
Oct 31 2013 12:03pm Jay Walljasper
Common spaces bring us together.
Jul 22 2013 2:06pm Jay Walljasper
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