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Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Do you want your community to thrive in the future? If so, placemaking is a key to making that happen.
Thu, Sep 18th 2014 10:39am
CNU, Better! Cities & Towns
Join engineers, planners, designers, and public officials from across the U.S. at the 2014 CNU Project for Transportation Reform Summit October 1-3, 2014 at the Ford Foundation Building in New York City. 
Wed, Sep 17th 2014 2:10pm
Hazel Borys, Better! Cities & Towns
Why does city planning matter to people who aren’t urban designer types? Here’s an elevator pitch and a more detailed answer.
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 3:15pm
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
Cities need nature. But what is not so well understood is that nature also needs cities. We can't protect a thriving natural landscape if we continue to sprawl across the countryside.
Mon, Sep 15th 2014 8:37am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
The idea of “shared space” has captured the collective imaginations of North American urbanists — partly due to English architect and urban designer Ben Hamilton-Baillie.
Thu, Sep 11th 2014 2:37pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Since the mid-1980s, the city has seen a slow, but steady, resurgence. The renovation of old buildings and wise infrastructure decisions have helped the 200-year-old downtown.
Wed, Sep 10th 2014 9:40am
Better! Cities & Towns
The great outdoors just got a little more crowded. The new Field & Stream store officially opens today at Easton Gateway, joining an explosion of outdoors retail that has taken place in central Ohio during the past few years. 
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 11:54pm
Scott Doyon, Better! Cities & Towns
Before it was a tiny lending library; now it’s a timeless marker of community that’s emerged as the source of conflict—12-year-old T.J. Guerrero and his Dunedin, Florida lemonade stand.
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 9:30am
Kaid Benfield, Better! Cities & Towns
As recently as 2009, there were 48 large (five stories or taller) empty buildings downtown.  (Wow.)  But, today, the number is down to 13.
Mon, Sep 8th 2014 10:38am
Better! Cities & Towns
The Mid-South Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan recommends around 500 miles of greenways, trails and bike lanes that connect to neighborhoods, parks and employment centers in four counties in the region. Advocates say the system would also promote economic development. 
Mon, Sep 8th 2014 1:50am

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