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Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
What would the Windy City look like without its freeways?
Tue, Nov 24th 2015 10:17pm
Scott Doyon, Better! Cities & Towns
When a $7.2 million project designed to improve quality of life through walkability fails to meet any walkability goals, there's a problem.
Tue, Nov 24th 2015 2:09pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Freeway-Free San Francisco, a new report by CNU, lays out a plan for better living and transportation while making room for affordable housing.
Mon, Nov 23rd 2015 8:06am
Better! Cities & Towns
The most recent issue of the NAHB's Best in American Living e-magazine features an article entitled “It’s All in the Details: The Front Porch,” written by Carson Looney. The article includes tips on how to design a great porch and highlights multiple LRK projects. 
Fri, Nov 20th 2015 3:18pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Small Change is a crowd-sourced real estate financing business with a mission to revitalize urban neighborhoods.
Mon, Nov 16th 2015 6:25pm
Better! Cities & Towns
Form-Based Codes for Architects is an intensive one-and-one-half-day class starting at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 5 and concluding on Saturday, Feb. 6,  at 6:00 p.m., in which architects learn how to work with a FBC. Stay through Sunday and study on the ground the country’s first and best model of new urbanism. The course provides an overview of the principal logic of a form-based code, from its necessary foundation in a place-based community vision to its regulatory emphasis on the public realm. Instructors Bob Gibbs and Geoff Ferrell will combine lecture and classroom discussion with a walking class on retail design and function in the Main Street of nearby Rosemary Beach.  Participants also examine common misconceptions about form-based codes and the legal basis for form-based codes. The workshop will take place in the Seaside Assembly Hall, second floor, which is located at 168 Smolian Circle, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
Fri, Nov 13th 2015 3:23pm
Better! Cities & Towns
The TruTV show Adams Ruins Everything ran an episode on cars that is a good history of American favoritism toward automobile transportation and why that hurts people.
Thu, Nov 12th 2015 2:25pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Dublin, Ohio, recently broke ground on its Bridge Street District, an urban and walkable neighborhood that will complement its historic village center.
Wed, Nov 11th 2015 3:24pm
Bruce Stephenson, Better! Cities & Towns
The region’s first “cycle track” heralds a shift in mindset in a state with the highest bicycle death rate and a region among the most dangerous for pedestrians.
Wed, Nov 11th 2015 11:41am
Hazel Borys, Better! Cities & Towns
What makes neighbourhood character strong and compelling enough to tempt us to move through it on foot even in the rain?
Tue, Nov 10th 2015 2:56pm

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