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Jay Walljasper, Better Cities & Towns
Here’s a few of practical steps to slow speeds, deter distracted driving and help make walking a safer, comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 4:02pm
Jay Walljasper, Better Cities & Towns
New York and other cities confront the critical problem of pedestrian fatalities.
Tue, Aug 19th 2014 4:16pm
Better! Cities & Towns
The Cincinnati Form-Based Code led by Opticos was awarded the Grand Prize for Best Planning Tool or Process at the Congress for the New Urbanism’s 13th Annual Charter Awards in Buffalo, N.Y., held during CNU’s annual Congress, June 4 – 7. Cincinnati’s Form-Based Code, one of the largest of its kind in the country, was adopted last year.
Mon, Aug 18th 2014 9:40pm
Better! Cities & Towns
Urban Design Associates (UDA) recently collaborated with the State Unitary Enterprise “Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan” (IGP) on the design of the new business center for recently annexed territory southwest of Moscow’s city center.For more:
Mon, Aug 18th 2014 9:06pm
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
A Reuters article reported this astonishing statistic: 23 million rides have been taken in US bikeshare systems since 2007 with no reported fatalities.
Fri, Aug 15th 2014 11:57am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
A meta-analysis published in Housing Policy Debate finds that extensive studies in recent years support positive claims.
Fri, Aug 15th 2014 8:38am
Better! Cities & Towns
Reported to be the world’s richest artist, Damien Hirst is building an extension to the thousand-year-old town of Ilfracombe, Devon, England.
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 10:39am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Led by the Walton Family Foundation, Northwest Arkansas officials look to walkable urban solutions for future economic growth.
Thu, Aug 7th 2014 1:56pm
Michael Lewyn, Better! Cities & Towns
I agree that many consumers demand more walkable development, both in cities and in suburbs. But even in relatively prosperous, safe cities, the political obstacles to meeting this demand are enormous.
Wed, Aug 6th 2014 9:41am
Robert Steuteville, Better! Cities & Towns
Houston has some of the most impressive sprawl on the planet. The success of Sugar Land Town Square is inspiring other public spaces, the Houston Chronicle reports.
Tue, Aug 5th 2014 11:07am

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